Daisy Wilson Coldwater Branch News

Daisy Wilson Coldwater RWTO/OERO is delighted to invite retired women teachers from the Daisy Wilson Coldwater and Midland areas to join us.

All retired women teachers are eligible to join at any time.

Marion Drennen, Daisy Wilson and Genevieve Ball. These ladies were Coldwater Branch supporters and friends for Daisy when she was Provincial President in 1992.

A Day For Daisy

Our Daisy is a wonder. She’s a Provincial Past President, a world traveler, a dedicated bookworm and an enthusiastic gardener. Her garden is full of perennials, native plants and bulbs and she shares! I have been fortunate to be on the receiving end of her generosity and my garden is richer for it.

I agreed to be the Archivist last term and inherited our accumulated materials. Among them was a note book containing the minutes and photos of early members from the beginning of our branch. I didn’t recognize anyone, but I knew who might – Daisy. I called to ask for her help and of course we gravitated to gardening talk. Her cardinal flowers had died in the heat and she was bemoaning their loss. Mine were just ducky and blooming up a storm. My original plants had come from – you guessed it – Daisy’s garden. We planned a time to meet – Daisy to look at the photos – me to plant.

When I arrived I was stunned at the condition of her garden – the heat and lack of rain and the invasion of grass and weeds. I planted my plants and we had a nice visit It wasn’t until later that I had a brainstorm. Our June meeting was in the offing. At the meeting I gave everyone an update on Daisy. She finds it difficult to attend every meeting. She is in her nineties, uses a walker and sometimes she just doesn’t feel well enough. I told everyone how the summer had affected her garden and suggested that we make up a work party and in the spirit of “sharing and caring” we try to reverse the ravages of a brutal summer and clean up Daisy’s garden. I couldn’t believe the response. Lots of hands went up to support the idea and on June 29th six eager beavers worked for two and a half hours to make a start…Daisy supervised our efforts and then insisted on making a donation to the branch. We celebrated our achievements with bananabread and pink lemonade and vowed to do it again.

Marilyn Bancsi

All retired women teachers are welcome.

For more information about our meetings please call President Helen Carstairs, phone 705-534-4092


The Daisy Wlson Coldwater Branch met December 5/17 at the Matchedash Community Centre [former school]where we welcomed several new members. The hall was beautifully decorated for our Christmas Dinner where twenty-five members could easily be seated.
Each member brings a gift wrapped and our auctioneer Mrs. Doubtfire takes charge with her Troll to bring in the bids. This auction is a fun event generating laughter and good feelings of warmth and cheer. Our auction raised over six hundred dollars to support Bed Kits for Street Kids of the Third World.
At our April meeting we have arranged for a speaker from this organization and he or she will be presented with a cheque.
Further the Nursing home in Coldwater received humungous Santa bags filled with presents and gifts that can be distributed throughout the year.
Also a cheque was presented to the Food Banks of Victoria Harbour and Coldwater to replenish empty shelves.
We enjoy ourselves in caring and sharing and have provided an improved life for our less fortunate.

November 7/17

Our Branch will be hosted in the Party Room of the Aberdeen Condos in Midland.
Our Remembrance Service will share heartwarming accounts of wartime, involving our family and friends. We also collect for a large Santa Sock of gifts for the nursing home in Coldwater.

October 3/17

This was our Thanksgiving Luncheon at the Cafe’ of Ste. Marie Among the Hurons. We heard of the history of Ste. Marie and the different activities that they host for the winter and summer.

 September 12/17

Daisy Wilson Coldwater Branch joined the Orillia Branch on Sept. 12/17 -for a pot luck lunch and the meeting of our Provincial President Lois.
Marilyn Bansci from our unit was introduced as the new area six Director.

 June Meeting 2017

Date: Tuesday June 12,2017

Time: 12:00 p.m.

Place: Coldwater

The Annual Meeting Report will be on the agenda, Enjoy lunch and good conversation.  Please bring your own sandwich.

For further details phone Sandi at 705-686-7502

“Our Mothers and Others”

The Daisy Wilson Coldwater Branch of Retired Women Teachers of Ontario  will meet:

Where: The Restored Matchedash School

The theme is, “Our Mothers and Others”

When: Tuesday May 2, 2017

Time: 11:30 am.

For further information and directions call Erica at 705-835-2367.

Shaw’s Maple Syrup Shack

The Daisy Wilson Coldwater Branch welcomes Spring on April 4/17 at the Maple Syrup Farm. 

We are expected to be at Shaw’s Maple Syrup Shack at 11:30am. for lunch.

For more information you can phone Pat at 705-326-5561.  See you there.