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Welcome to Peel North Retired Women Teachers. We are a caring and fun-loving group who welcome new members. We meet once a month six times a year and during those meetings we have the opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with colleagues and meet new ones. Also, at these meetings we offer a variety of entertainment – ranging from a theatre talk, a murder mystery game to a fun fashion show. In-between we have a large variety of interest groups that meet on an on-going basis.
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President: Liz Reinhart

Membership Convenor: Karen Jackson

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Executive Team for 2017 -2018


PresidentLiz Reinhart


Membership ConvenorKaren

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Cora Bailey Recipients 2017

The Cora Bailey Award is presented to an RWTO member who has contributed outstanding service to her Branch. The committee is honoured to name Marie Blazic as the recipient of the 2016-2017 Cora Bailey Award.   

Marie is a retired Peel District high school Language and Literature teacher.  It’s not surprising that she belongs to a book club.  She loves the outdoors and belongs to a walking group.  Marie is an active member of the Sierra Club, working on matters of public policy and environmental awareness.  Marie is also an active member of Brampton Go Green, an initiative looking at the percentage of green space in our community.

Since the fall of 2009, Marie has been treasurer of Peel North RWTO. Her dedication to the role of treasurer is obvious. At each monthly general and executive meeting, we see Marie entering the room with a cart full of documents. She spends most of her time at meetings talking to new members, completing registrations and collecting money. 

Marie’s job does not end when the meetings end. Marie spends countless hours keeping accurate financial records, making bank deposits, preparing cheques for various charitable and memorial donations. She promptly reimburses members for expenses they have incurred on behalf of the association. She prepares and submits financial reports for our monthly general meetings and an annual report to the Provincial office. Marie also prepares the annual budget for executive review and approval.

She has represented Peel North RWTO at the convention in Sault Ste Marie. This year, Marie is again representing our Branch in Ajax at the convention. 

Congratulations, Marie!   We hope you will continue to be a valued member of our association.

Cora Bailey Recipients 2016

Janice Awde

Karen Walters