Durham North Branch News

Greetings Everyone,

We have been in regular contact with our members through email and phone calls throughout the Pandemic. Wendy Campbell is our Vice President and Communications Officer. I pass all pertinent information I receive from RW and she forwards it to members. She also sent out health and wellness tips from April to June.
I mailed a card to each member at the end of April in lieu of our annual spring luncheon which was cancelled due to Covid and received many messages of appreciation. Inserted with each personal note was this poem:
Each situation in life is temporary.
When it’s good enjoy it.
When it’s not good-it will not last forever.
When you feel sad, remember the good times.
When you feel lonely-think of all the great people you have known.
Never let your troubles blind you to your daily blessings.

Three members of our group, Pat Manorek, Wendy Campbell and Marie Geelen participated in the online Conference in June.We have been actively collecting membership fees and to date we have 71 paid members with three Lifetime Members. We still have more mass email reminder to go out. Last year we had 82 members so we are working hard to maintain them all.
Our treasurer, Connie Dunlop has been very instrumental in collecting and depositing the fees.
We also received three new members from Newmarket, Stouffville and King City as their branch is closed permanently.
Wendy Campbell has put an article in Connections and we are now preparing a new one for the next edition.
Many of our members have been actively caring and sharing through the Covid Pandemic with outreach projects.Judy Trumbley and I have been making masks to give away and I have been sewing scrub caps for Uxbridge and Markham Stouffville Hospitals. I haven’t kept count but do know that I have sewn over a thousand articles for donation and am still working at it, especially now that kids need masks for school.I started to write a Pandemic Post on Facebook in April and it was so well received that I have now written almost twenty of them. If you ever go on Facebook you are welcome to read them….just for fun. They are meant to be positive and uplifting. They have been therapeutic for me personally.We organized an outdoor picnic at a park in Lindsay where we reserved a shelter with electricity and could maintain social distancing. On August 25, about twenty of our members gathered there to enjoy a lunch of individually wrapped Subway sandwiches, packaged cookies and individual fruit salads with bottled water…all very sanitary. We decorated the picnic shelter with colourful plastic tablecloths and balloons to make it as festive as possible and had music playing. Everyone brought a mask.
It was a really lovely gathering…not large but great to see people.

Our Executive has held outdoor meetings on four occasions, to deal with membership lists and plan approaches to connecting with our members during this difficult time.

North Durham is healthy and committed and I feel we have negotiated this unusual circumstance successfully and maintained contact with our membership.

As far as the reorganization of areas for RW, we have had discussions and feel it is important to group like areas together. Our community is rural. Our meetings and luncheons are held in the local United Church. We usually have monthly activities touring local attractions or being entertained by local talent. We have even had a paint class which we will do again when it is safe. Costs are kept reasonable….$20 for lunch and often the activities are free for members and $10 for guests.

We are a very active group. Much effort is put into arranging monthly events for our members. Our area includes Beaverton, Cannington, Sunderland, Port Perry , Uxbridge, Oakwood, Bobcaygeon, Lindsay, and Little Britain. We have special meetings to explain the Insurance programs and provide support for all our members.


Past President Marie Geelen jmgeelen@lindsaycomp.ca705 786 2037
PresidentPat Manorek brian.manorek@sympatico.ca 705 357 3737
1st Vice PresidentWendy Campbell camp.wend@gmail.com 705 432 2923
2nd Vice-PresidentMadeline CarterSeagrave333@gmail.com905 985 0306
Marlene Van RyswykMarlene.vanryswyk@gmail.com905 985 8186
Treasurer Connie Dunlopconnie_dunlop@hotmail.com705 953 9636
SecretaryJudy Trumbley 705 738 3481
Goodwill Carol Phoenix 905 985 3421
Linda Lafoyllafoy@hotmail.com9057062900
Insurance Carol Phoenix 905 985 3421
CommunicationWendy Campbell camp.wend@gmail.com 705 432 2923

 About Durham North-Area 7

Although our area is quite large, we meet in the middle. For exceptions we ask our members to car pool. Our executive always supports one another and we enjoy pitching in where ever we can.We have callers list so that no one feels left out. Reminders of events coming up and suggestions that guests are welcome.
After each event our members feel they matter.


Past PresidentMarie Geelenjmgeelen@lindsaycomp.on.ca 705 786 2037
PresidentPat Manorek brian.manorek@ sympatico.ca705 357 3737
1st Vice PresidentWendy Campbellcamp.wend@gmail.com705 432 2923
2nd Vice PresidentMadeline CarterSeagrave333@gmail.com905 985 0306
2nd Vice PresidentMarlene Van Ryswyk Marlene.vanryswyk@gmail.com
TreasurerConnie Dunlopconnie_dunlop@ hotmail.com 705 953 9636
SecretaryJudy Trumbley 705 738 3481
InsuranceCarol Phoenix905 985 3421


GoodwillLinda Lafoyllafoy@hotmail.com9057062900
Carol Phoenix905 985 3421
Communication Wendy Campbellcampbell.wendy@ymail.com705 432 2923

Wednesday February 12,2020

Red Dessert Day
Sunderland United Church
Time: 2:00 pm-4:00 pm
Enjoy the music of Irwin Smith and some sweet treats and great company!
No charge for RWTO Members
Guests: $10.00

Tuesday March 24

Guest Speaker Richard Dickinson from the Wild Garden
Encouraging butterflies, hummingbirds and bumble
Bees by incorporating Native Plants in your garden.
Where: Timothy Findlay Public Library
38 Laidlaw St S
Cannington ON
Time: 2:15 pm to 4:00 pm
RSVP Wendy C by March 20
No charge for members
Guests $10.00

Wednesday April 29, 2020

Annual Spring Luncheon
Sunderland United Church
11:00 am Meeting
12:00 pm Roast Beef Lunch
1:00 pm Entertainment

Wednesday May 13,2020

Bring your Mom or someone who is like a mother to you to High Tea and learn about the Benefits of Tea with Suzanne Catty

Where: Sunderland United Church
Sunderland ON
Time: 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
RSVP by Fri May 8 to Pat M.

June 2 to June 4  2020 –Annual Convention in Kingston


Wednesday, May 22, 2019 Tour os Settlers Village in Bobcaygeon 11:15 am

Wednesday , July 10, 2019 Garden Luncheon at Pat Manorek’s Entertainment Walter Campbell 11:00 am

Wednesday, August 21, 2019 Membership Promotion Corn Roast at Marie Geelens

Wednesday, September 4, 2019 House and Garden Tour Yvonne Harrison’s Leaksdale 11:00 am

Wednesday, October 16, 2019 Annual Fall Luncheon Sunderland United church

Tuesday  October 22, 2019 Hosted Area 7- Baxter Creek Luncheon

Tuesday November 19,2019

Painting with Vanessa Campbell at Sunderland United Church

Time: 2 :00 pm -4:00 pm

Cost: $20.00  and $30.00 for guests

RSVP by Nov 12 to Pat M

Wednesday December 11,2019

 Afternoon with Mrs Claus
“Believe”  Sunderland United Church

Time: 2 :00 pm -4:00 pm

RSVP by December 4th  to Pat M.

Non members $10.00

Wednesday January  8,2020 Lunch at the cafe at 1:00 pm in Sunderland. Buy your own!

January 9, 2019     River Street Diner, Sunderland

February 14, 2019   Red Desserts/Soup/Brain Drain Games, Sunderland

April 24, 2019     Spring Luncheon, Sunderland

September 18 , 2018      Carrot Cake Gathering, Sunderland

October 10, 2018           Fall Luncheon, Sunderland

November 28, 2018     Christmas at Home Marie’s

July, 2018

Lavender Farm Tour (Date will follow)

Aug, 20, 2018

Victorian Tea ( more details to follow)

Jan.29, 2018

Winter Warm-Up at Sylvia Oldenziel’s

Feb. 7, 2018

Valentines Dessert Time at Sunderland United Church

April 25, 2018

Annual Spring Luncheon at Sunderland United Church

Oct. 11, 2017

Annual Fall Luncheon at Sunderland United Church

Oct. 18, 2017

Victoria Quilt Sunderland Church

Nov. 2017

Lunch and Chic Chat at Katie’s Cafe in Sunderland
Every Second Wednesday starting

Nov. 27, 2017

Christmas at Home at Marie Geelen’s



Marie Geelen, Past President



Pat Manorek, President

brian.manorek@ sympatico.ca

Cora Bailey Award for 2019

Gerry Oldham

Sylvia Oldenziel

Karen Rynard


Barbara Bain Award for 2019

Most New Members

Cora Bailey Award for 2018         

Carolyn Ballard

Barbara Bain Award for 2018 

Most New Members