East Parry Sound Branch News

Welcome to the East Parry Sound Branch website!

We are a small branch of just over 50 members, who live within a large area of the Near North. Our branch takes its name from the former East Parry Sound Board of Education, and many of our members retired from years of teaching with that board or with its larger successor, the Near North District School Board. Still, others of us have retired to this beautiful part of Ontario, after teaching careers in southern Ontario and beyond.

Whether you’ve lived in this area all your life or have recently moved here, you’ll be sure to find a warm welcome, wonderful friends and interesting programs and activities in our branch. Our members live in or near many of the little villages in East Parry Sound, namely, South River, Sundridge, Burk’s Falls, Magnetawan, Kearney, Loring, Nipissing, Port Loring, Powassan, and Trout Creek.

We post two newsletters a year on this site, one in September and one in April, to outline our events and activities. Our Outreach projects include offering annually a bursary to a graduating high school student in our area who is pursuing post-secondary studies. We live by the motto ‘Caring and Sharing’ and for us, that always includes having fun.

Our meetings are always the third Thursday of September, October, April, May and June, and if you’re a retired teacher living in this area, and are interested in our organization, we would love to have you join us. Please consider coming to one of our meetings. There’s always a place for you, here!

Contact Susan: rwto.eastparrysound@gmail.com for further information.

Peggy Stock Provincial President 2016-17

Peggy (centre) at our RW 60th anniversary luncheon with members (L-R) Elva Taggart insurance rep, Joy Gutjhar archivist, and Ruby Jenkins, past treasurer.

We are proud to present our own Peggy Stock who was installed as Provincial President at the RWTO-OERO Convention June 9, 2016. Peggy joined RW – EPS in 2005 and soon served on the executive as Second Vice-President. She started the newsletter for our branch as a way to get to know our members.

Peggy served as East Parry Sound President 2007-2010. She joined the Provincial Board in June 2010 as Recording Secretary. She then moved to positions of 2nd Vice-president, 1st Vice-president, and now Provincial President. Peggy is a dedicated member of RW, and we know she will serve the Province with the same enthusiasm, wisdom and thoughtful guidance that is her trademark.

“Hello Peggy”




Hello Peggy…well, Hello Peggy
We’re so glad that you’re Provincial President.
You will do well, Peggy…we can tell, Peggy
That our leadership is strong and truly excellent

You make us proud, Peggy…to praise aloud, Peggy
Accomplishments you’ve made since way back when
So…stop and cheer, members! Peggy is really here members!
East Parry Sound is on the map again.

Hello Peggy…well, hello Peggy
We’re so glad you’re in such good company
You stand with Cora, Peggy…and with Laura, Peggy
And with all the women in our steadfast history.

You’ve worked so hard, Peggy…you’ve come this far, Peggy
This year will go so fast just wait and see
So… take a bow, Peggy…we’re all behind you now, Peggy
Caring and Sharing’s our philosophy!

Tune to Hello Dolly
Words by Susan Rose, Kathy Pike, Barb Niles

Celebrating 60 Years RWTO-EPS

We enjoyed a memorable celebration for our 60th anniversary at the South River Legion in June. A delicious meal was served thanks to one of our
members, Judy Maeck for the arrangements. Our new officers for 2016 were sworn in; a big part of our celebration was celebrating our member, Peggy
Stock, this year’s Provincial President!

We had lots of fun presenting her special “Peggy Board” which displayed special milestones in her life, and singing our “Hello Peggy” song. Peggy addressed our group and we all wished her well for 2016.

Our Annual Garden Party 2016

Each year, RWTO-EPS join together for an afternoon to enjoy what we call “The Visit”. With the cooperation of the weather, we sit outside and chat enjoying laughter, stories and catching up on news. Although our regular RW meetings include a social time, this event is devoted to only social activity, providing more time to get to know each other better, carrying on our Caring and Sharing tradition.

Members bring finger food to share and the hostess provides tea, coffee and punch. It is very popular with the group. This year, our RW member Rosemary LeGallais graciously hosted our gathering in her beautiful garden. Thank you, Rosemary, for a lovely time.

60th Anniversary Celebration Toast

60 Years Strong

It’s a milestone year for RW in 2016.
We’re celebrating 60 years and all that we’ve been.
It’s 60 years of accomplishments
Of benefits to us, that are heaven sent.
Good pensions to make life easier still.
Insurance to help us should we fall ill.
Charities benefit from our fundraising too,
We know it’s a worthwhile thing to do.
As we meet with friends, both old and new,
We happily mark down these meeting dates,
When we can connect with former mates.
We need new members to keep us strong,
It’s a great organization to which we belong.
Membership matters, we all know that,
It’s important to put out the welcome mat.
The executives aim is to make meetings swell,
So we’ll all raise our glass and to Hell with the Bell!

Sandra Train
(toast to RW at our 60th anniversary dinner)

Mother-Daughter Honours, May 2016

We have 2 pairs of Mother/Daughter retired teachers belonging to the East Parry Sound branch whom we honoured at our May meeting.

Several of our members have daughters (and sons) who have carried on the teaching tradition which makes us proud, but to reach a milestone of a full career and be able to enjoy retirement together is special indeed.

Pictured here are mother/daughter teams, Lisa Fry and daughter Lori Holotuk (seated), Shirley Palmer (in green), and daughter Cathy Hare, (standing behind left of Shirley.) Incoming Provincial President (far left), Provincial President Dianne Rice, Past President EPS Sandra Train (far right). In centre, Madeleine Main celebrating her 99th birthday with us. A very proud moment for all of us!!!

Convention Workshop – Songsheet And Chants


The East Parry Sound RWTO Uncommon Woman Award

This award is given at the discretion of the branch executive to honor an exceptional woman within our unit.  She may or may not fit the criteria for a Cora Bailey award. This honor will not necessarily be given every year as there might not always be a suitable candidate.

We defined our criterial attributes of an Uncommon Woman as follows:

  • Many years of service in the teaching profession;
  • A current, longtime and supportive member of RWTO, not necessarily as an officer in the branch;
  • Active in the community, making a significant contribution while enhancing the image of retired teachers;
  • Demonstrates continued interest in education and young people.

This is the general idea; feel free to tailor it to your own use.