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Here’s where you register for the vaccine if you are over 60.

We don’t stop playing because we grow old.
We grow old because we stop playing.
….George Bernard Shaw

April Flowers Event

Welcome to the Guelph Wellington Retired Teachers (GWRWT) Branch of the RWTO/OERO!

All retired teachers living in the Guelph Wellington Area are invited to join our group of over 200 retired women teachers, regardless of the length of time they taught.  As part of your membership in RWTO/OERO, you will  have access to the RWTO Insurance Plan and all of our Interest Groups.

GWRWT hold four luncheons a year in September, December, April and May or June.  These meetings are listed and further detailed in the Events section of this Branch website 2018-19 Events Program.  At these luncheons, we also support local charitable organizations such as GW local Women in Crisis groups, SLEEPING CHILDREN AROUND THE WORLD (SCAW), and local special reading groups.  Frequently we have guest speakers who ask that their fee be donated to a charitable organization of their choosing.

GWRWT has an abundance of interest groups who meet monthly.  You can find a list of all our groups and their leaders in the Events Section.  Whether you are already a member or looking to join our group, Contact Carol Christie, the overall Convenor of the Interest Groups with any questions  you may have in that regard .

For information on how to join Guelph Wellington Retired Women Teachers contact our current president, Joan Berry,  Current members will also find other helpful Branch information on our site, such as upcoming events, photo galleries of previous events, executive members contact  information, Provincial Newsletters, membership fees and  due dates, etc.

If you experience problems with this site – – please contact your Branch Website Convenor, Marion Kelly –




President Joan
Past President Nancy Fulton
Vice President Mary Gittins
Recording Secretary Patti
Insurance Convenor Sandra O’

GWRWT 2020-2021 Convenors

Membership Karen
Social Convenor Brenda
Interest Groups Carol
Website Convenor Marion
Decorating Julia
Joy ClubLynda
ArchivistDonna Rawbone
Mary Cunningham
Nomination Committee ChairPat

COVID 19 – 2020-2021 Interest Group Connections

 From Barb Smith

I just wanted to tell you the Pot Luck Group is still very much alive & active. 
We had 2 zoom calls not long after the 1st shut down began.  We talked about what dishes we had been making & also our favourite wine. amongst other things!!
In September we met at my place to have a pot luck “brown bag” lunch.  I have a large piece of property so we were able to sit outside & socialize while we were physical distancing.  In October we had another pot luck “brown bag” lunch at Judy Coffey’s with a bonfire.  Again we were able to easily physical distance.  Our last in person get together was back at my place in November – I made a large crock pot of soup & Cherrill Walker made cake and again we brown bagged everything else. 
We have actually just arranged another zoom call for Feb 26th – with an Italian theme in mind.  Hopefully some of us will make an Italian dish or just talk about one we have made.
Once the better weather returns we will likely get together again where we have lots of room to spread out.
Of course we are all looking forward to the time when we can gather around someone’s table for a proper sit down “pot luck” meal with each other.

Bonfire with the Potluck group at Judy Coffey’s

From Jane Shifflett – Walking/Hiking groups
The walking/hiking groups are too large to keep going, but many members have been walking with one or two others from the group. Jane has recently said that she will be happy to lead hikes again when we get to the yellow zone!
From Carol Christie – Travel Group
Twenty members of the Travel Group have recently signed up for a temporary “Pandemic Travel Group”. Since none of us are travelling during COVID, there hasn’t been much interest in a travel group, but Carol has recently come up with a unique way to help her members get some travel hype. Members will get emailed travel experts talks and after they have digested what they see, they will have 3 days to make comments on what they think.
From Marg Wiley – Singing Belles
The Singing Belles agreed that it was too hard to sing together on a Zoom call but they missed each other. So they decided to have a zoom call just to chat with each other. They had such a good turnout that they did this 3 times, and then once the weather improved, they met twice in Riverside Park to sing together socially distanced. Looking forward to when they can sing outside again.
From Gluten Free and other Bookclubs
Bookclub meetings are likely the easiest to continue through Zoom meetings during Covid 19 as long as someone in our group can do the hosting. Bookclub goers are always going to read, but they also love to share what they think about the book they have read. GWRWT has several book clubs using zoom, but they all admit they would much prefer the in person meetings!

From Sandra O’Connor – Joint Drumming Group
During COVID 19, Retired teachers from Fergus, Guelph and Waterloo, met every Wed. afternoon up to November to drum together and relieve stress. Starting together with the “mother beat”, drumming and ending with dancing as well as a Thai Chi slowdown, this group who have been together for 4 years kept themselves in touch. Soon they will be happily meeting outside once again.

Drumming Participants at Brightup Park Kitchener (Photo provided by Anne Cameron)



Please contact Carol Christie, Interest Groups Coordinator, if you have any questions

The following groups are currently open to new members

Coordinator                                                     Group

Susan Hersey                                                    Art Club

Bonnie Burton.                                                  French Club

Sandra O’Connor                                              Drumming Group

Jane Rocher.                                                     Games Club

Joan Berry                                                         Gluten Free Book Club Elora/Fergus

Jane Shifflett.                                                    Hiking Club

Carol Christie.                                                   Walking Club

Carol Christie.                                                   Live Entertainment Group

Johanne Martin.                                                Movie Club Elora

Wendy Thompson                                            Movie Club Guelph

Donna Rawbone.                                             Scrapbooking/Cardmaking

Carol Christie.                                                   Pandemic Travel Club

Use the link below to the RWTO/OERO Newsletter and find information about what is going on around the province, as well as important dates, useful information and interesting articles related to retired women teachers.

RWTO/OERO Connections 

In 2018 Guelph Wellington won the Provincial Barbara Bain Award. See below what that is all about.

Barbara Bain Membership Awards

This provincial award was named in honour of our long-time member, Barbara Bain, who served on the Provincial Board of Directors for 11 years. Barbara served as an Area Director, Assistant Insurance Convenor, Insurance Convenor, 2nd and 1st Vice-President, President, Past President and Honorary President. Barbara was also the first Membership Convenor for RTWO/OERO. Barbara continues to be an active member in the London-Middlesex Branch.

Since its inception in 2006-2007, the provincial Barbara Bain Award has traditionally been given to the three branches, one in each tier, with the largest percentage increase in the number of regular paid-up members. In 2015, the formula was changed: the actual increase is now calculated on how many new members join, less the number of existing members who did not renew during the April 1 to March 31 period. Awards of $300, $200 and $100 will be given in each tier, based on actual increase in membership. So now instead of 3 awards of $200 being awarded, we have 9 provincial awards, 3 for each tier, totaling $1800.

Barbara Bain Awards 2018

2nd place– $200 – Guelph-Wellington, net increase 19


Past Barbara Bain Award Recipients


The membership increases are calculated by the Executive Secretary-Treasurer.

Cora Bailey Awards

Cora Bailey from the Peterborough Branch was RWTO/OERO’s first Executive Secretary-Treasurer. She held this position for eleven years until 1982 and wrote the History Book – OASWT 1956-1976. Beginning in 2003, this award was presented in her honour.

Criteria for Cora Bailey Award Recipients

The Cora Bailey Award may be presented to a Branch member who has contributed outstanding service to her Branch.


 Outstanding Service to the Branch

2019- 2020

Kerry Detlor

Kerry Detlor is an excellent example of our motto “caring and sharing”. She is diligent in her job as the Goodwill Committee Chair. She is quick to send cards of condolences and well wishes as needed. She is also always willing to pitch in andhelp wherever she can. Kerry has a very approachable and welcoming nature and treats everyone with kindness and respect. She has been a very valuable member of Guelph Wellington Retired Women Teachers for a number of years and we hope she will continue to serve on our executive for many years to come. We are pleased to recognize and thank her for her contributions by presenting her with this award. 


Jane Rocher

Jane Rocher has been a very valuable member of GWRWT and our executive for a number of years.  As the head of the decorating committee, Jane welcomed a large group of women into her home a number of times each year to plan and create decorations for luncheon meetings at “working bees”.  She supplied materials for doing this, and often went out to buy additional supplies when last minute changes were needed.  Jane’s group also organized information cards at each place setting, resulting in beautiful and welcoming venues for us to meet in.

Jane is currently coordinator of our Games Group and a member of other Interest groups.  As an active member of the Joy Group, Jane embodies “caring and sharing” as she faithfully visits an elderly member of the GWRWT community.
Jane has been described as patient, considerate, and caring; using positive, cheerful motivation as a leader.  GWRWT is fortunate to count her among our membership, and we are proud to award her the Cora Bailey Award.



Brigitte Turner


Anne Smith

Marina Howlett


Carol Christie


Betty Mottin

2013     – Brenda McGinnis, Beth Taylor

2012      – Lynda Gillham

2011      – Judy Palmer

Audrey Lily Elizabeth McEachern (King)

Tuesday, July 23rd, 1929  Saturday, February 13th, 2021

It is with great sadness that we announce the peaceful passing of Audrey in her 92nd year. She leaves behind John (Jack), her beloved husband of almost 70 years. She was the loving mother to Rob (Jeanette) and proud grandmother to Todd, Jocelyn (Miles), Shelby (Joe), Sarah (Kevin) and Brandon (Lyndall). Great-grandmother to Matteo and Ivy. Predeceased by her sister and best friend Dorothy Smith, and will be missed by many Smith, Wilson and Hurd nieces and nephews.

Audrey was born and raised in East Garafraxa and made her home in Orton for over 60 years. She taught grades 2, 3 and 4 at Ross R. McKay Public School and was an active member of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Hillsburgh, the Orton Community Association, the Grove Cemetery and the Guelph-Wellington Retired Women Teachers. Audrey had a great love for gardening, knitting, travel, winters in Florida and playing a competitive game of euchre.

In lieu of gifts or flowers, donation to the Groves Memorial Hospital, the Grove Cemetery or the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada would be greatly appreciated.



After a long productive life, Glenice Brown passed away April 29, 2020 at the age of 99.  Glenice  was a long time member of GWRWTO for 40 years. She was the Primary Consultant for the Upper Grand District School Board until she retired around 1979. Her longtime friend, Coralie Corlett and Glenice were both Primary Consultants at the same time.  Eventually Glenice was Coralie Corlett’s Joy Partner in GWRWTO. Being a long term colleague and friend, Coralie was always so proud to see Glenice when she was doing well enough to attend a meeting.
It is most ironic that these two friends passed away in the same year.
Glenice lived in Guelph for most of her life, but when she could no longer live on her own, she moved in with her nephew for several years, in his home in Milton.  Eventually Glenice came back to Guelph to reside in St. Joseph’s Nursing Home.  As a much deserving member, The Guelph Wellington Retired Women’s Teachers of Ontario made Glenice an honorary member of GWRWTO for life.

Judith (Judy) Mae Jones

In her 68th year, Judith (Judy) Mae Jones received her angel wings on the evening of December 31, 2019 at home, in a house filled with love. She received them with the same grace, strength and peace with which she lived her life. Judy was a wife, mum, gramsy, daughter, sister, friend, bestie, aunt, neighbour, teacher, Bobbie Jo’s dog mom and a most courageous cancer fighter. She was an unparalleled inspiration, support, and a role model to many. Judy fought for 40 years of living with cancer to live, love and build her life that she cherished. She was a traveller (…an adventurer…), an activity planner, a lover of the outdoors, a reader, a volunteer, a beach babe, a wine sipper, a believer in YOLO (you only live once), and always put her family first in a million interesting, thoughtful and creative ways. Family was the foundation of Judy’s life right from the very beginning on Clement Street in Montreal with her parents and four siblings. In her twenties she added to her foundation when she met Bill, the love of her life. For 37 years they lived an epic love story. Together as one, they were most at peace, be that on a trail, on the water, sitting by a fire, quibbling about Dad shaving, or cozying up in bed. Judy and Bill had two children, Kimberley and James, whom she loved fiercely, and who loved her back with everything they had. Their family of 4 became 6 and then 8 with marriage and grand babies. Judy continued to show us how to live each day especially the hard ones with hope, courage, fun, laughter, determination, consistency, responsibility, and above all, bravery. Our Mom fought to be with us and to make life beautiful.
Judy was adored by her husband, the late Bill Burton. She will live on in the memory and essence of her children Kimberley (Matt) Drinkwater and James (Fern) Burton. Brynley and Maesynn Drinkwater will love their Gramsy to Jupiter and back forever. Judy was the loving daughter of the late Gordon and Regina Jones. She was the cherished sister to Brian (Vilma) Jones, Glenn (Jeanette) Jones, Lynn (David) Jones, Ken (Andrea) Jones and loving sister in law to the late Dick Burton, the late Bob Burton, Jack Burton, the late Julie Grady, Pat (Tom) Cairns, Aggie (George) Dunn, the late Mary Hill, Tom (Dianne) Burton and Michael (Carolyn) Burton. Judy was a lifelong bestie to Debbie (David) Grant. Judy will be missed by many nieces, nephews, extended family and very dear friends.
We are heartbroken and shattered by our loss but just like she chose her wings on her terms, we will choose to honour Mom, her way, by living our best lives. We will do as she did and soak in the “skies of blue, and clouds of white, the bright blessed day, the dark sacred night and we’ll think to ourselves, what a wonderful world. “

Coralie Corlett

CORLETT, Doris Coralie Ann

Passed away unexpectedly at Groves Memorial Community Hospital, Fergus on December 31, 2020 in her 81st year.

Born in Bentinck Township on August 30, 1940 to the late William and Myrtle (nee Boyce) Corlett.  Coralie started teaching in one-room schoolhouses in Bruce County before moving to teach at Mount Forest Public School in Mount Forest.  She was a primary learning consultant for nine years with the Wellington County District School Board and she finished her teaching career at Victoria Terrace Public School in Fergus, Ontario. “She served for many years on the GWRWTO Executive as Membership Convenor and Joy Partner.  Her dedication to these roles was much appreciated.” In retirement, Coralie was actively involved at Elora United Church and with the Guelph-Wellington branch of the Retired Women Teachers of Ontario. Coralie was a people person and will be missed by many friends and extended family members.

Beloved sister of Arnold Corlett of Hanover and sister-in-law of Clarence Mountain of Winona. Loving aunt of Dean (Rosemary) Mountain of Burlington, Doris Kobe of Hanover, Grace (Steve) Selk of Vienna, Virginia, Rhonda (David) Klim of Beamsville, Donald (Bena) Mountain of London, and Allan (Luann) Corlett of Hanover; cherished great-aunt of Karen Selk (Chad Greenwald) of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Susanne Selk of Raleigh, North Carolina, Graeme Klim of Vélizy, France, Evan Klim of Toronto, Elaine Klim of Beamsville, Vanessa and Lesley Mountain of Burlington, and Naomi Mountain of London; dear great-great-aunt of Madeleine and Miles Greenwald of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Predeceased by her parents William and Myrtle (Boyce) Corlett; sisters Marjorie (Dan) Kobe, Walterina Mountain, and Joyce (Maurice) Myers; and sister-in-law Ruby Corlett.

As expressions of sympathy, memorial donations can be made to Elora United Church, Elora or to Grace United Church, Hanover. Special thanks to Dr. Filomena Incitti and the staff of Groves Memorial Community Hospital.  Arrangements entrusted to the care of Mighton Funeral Home, Hanover.  Online condolences and notes of sympathy may be left at

EWEN, Margaret Ruth (McNeil)

At the age of 91, passed away at home holding her daughter’s hand. Her loving husband of 40 years Bill and beloved daughter Bonnie predeceased her. She will be sadly missed by her daughter Brenda and cherished granddaughter Sarah Pyke. Margaret will be lovingly remembered by family Lynn and Dan Lubitz, her many wonderful nieces, nephews and their families. Loved sister-in-law to Joan McNeil, she was predeceased by her parents Emerson and Jessie McNeil, her brothers Hardie (Isabel), Lloyd and sister Hazel(Roy). Margaret was born on the family farm near Drayton.  Starting in a one room school house in 1946, she was a dedicated, passionate teacher for 37 years. She and Bill lived on their farm south of Elora partnering in ranching mink. They lovingly welcomed through adoption their school aged daughters Bonnie and Brenda in October 1967. Margaret was a dedicated actively involved member of the Elora United Church. Her enthusiasms included curling, euchre and always chatting with friends. Family, friends, church and community were the cornerstones of her life. Visitation will be held at the Elora United Church, 75 Geddes St. Elora on Saturday April 27th, 2019 from 1-3 pm. Continuing at the church at 3pm will be the service to celebrate Margaret’s life.  Lunch will follow the service. Interment will be at a later date. Donations in Margaret’s memory may be made to the Elora United Church or the Groves Memorial Hospital Building Fund. Arrangements entrusted to the Graham A. Giddy Funeral  Home.

Barbara Stewart-Schieck (Trask)

Elora passed away peacefully at Groves Memorial Hospital, Fergus on Friday, March 15, 2019 in her 87th year. Beloved wife of the late Arnold Stewart (1983), Douglas Schieck (2010) and Douglas Grove (2015). Dear mother of Major Kent Stewart and his wife Leslie of Kingston and Carol Bailey of Kitchener. Loving grandmother of Dylan Stewart and Kelsey Bailey. Loved step-mother of Elaine Hensen of Buckhorn and the late John Hensen, Yvonne (Rev. Tom) Carman of Windsor, Jeanette Schieck (Bruce McKay) of Orr Lake, Jim (Annette) Schieck of Vegerville Alberta, Don Schieck (Kaye Wood) of Arkona, Elizabeth “Betty” Schieck of Guelph, Catherine Schieck (Pat Rooyakkers) of Grand Valley, Marilyn (Murray) Abraham of Fergus and Bob (Peg) Schieck of Moorefield. Fondly remembered by her three sisters Marie Stoddart of Elora, Lillian and her husband Bill Ingram of Ariss and Marion Ferguson of Milton, sisters-in law of Delores Trask, Dorothy Potter, and Margaret Stewart and brother in law Larry Schieck, as well as her many step-grandchildren and step- great-grandchildren. Predeceased by her parents Rev. Reginald and Irene (Bowman) Trask, brothers and sisters-in-law Donald (Lorna) Trask, Robert (Shirley) Trask, Leslie Trask and Douglas (Donna) Trask, sisters-in-law and brothers-in-law Bertha (George) Douglas, Garnet Potter, Christina Schieck, Floyd Stewart, Morgan (Marjorie) Schieck and Arthur (Phyllis) Schieck.

Brighton Chapter 201 will conduct an Eastern Star Service in the Funeral Home on Monday evening at 8:00 p.m.

Spring Interment in Elora Cemetery.

POST, Grace Elizabeth Ethel “Betty”

Passed away at St. Joseph’s Health Centre, Guelph on Sunday, December 23, 2018 at the age of 73 years.

Betty was the beloved wife for over 47 years of Ray Post.  She was the dear sister and best friend of Marie Denham and Rina Moss (Jack).  Betty was the much-loved aunt of Jason and Marni Moss, their children Rachel and Thomas and of Rebecca Moss (Cory Bye).

Her presence is sadly missed by her furry companion Maddie.  Betty (Mrs. Post) is fondly remembered by the many students and colleagues at Rockwood Centennial School where she taught from 1967 until 1995.  Her devotion and talent on the organ for 40 years is also remembered at Rockwood Presbyterian Church.

Betty is predeceased by her parents; George and Hazel Denham.