Guelph-Wellington Branch News

Welcome to the Guelph Wellington Retired Teachers (GWRWT) Branch of the RWTO/OERO!

All retired teachers living in the Guelph Wellington Area are invited to join our group of over 200 retired women teachers, regardless of the length of time they taught.  As part of your membership in RWTO/OERO, you will  have access to the RWTO Insurance Plan and all of our Interest Groups.

GWRWT hold four luncheons a year in September, December, April and May or June.  These meetings are listed and further detailed in the Events section of this Branch website 2018-19 Events Program.  At these luncheons, we also support local charitable organizations such as GW local Women in Crisis groups, SLEEPING CHILDREN AROUND THE WORLD (SCAW), and local special reading groups.  Frequently we have guest speakers who ask that their fee be donated to a charitable organization of their choosing.

GWRWT has an abundance of interest groups who meet monthly.  You can find a list of all our groups and their leaders in the Events Section.  Whether you are already a member or looking to join our group, Contact Carol Christie, the overall Convenor of the Interest Groups with any questions  you may have in that regard .

For information on how to join Guelph Wellington Retired Women Teachers contact our current president, Nancy Fulton,  Current members will also find other helpful Branch information on our site, such as upcoming events, photo galleries of previous events, executive members contact  information, Proviincial Newsletters, membership fees and  due dates, etc.

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SEPTEMBER 26, 2018


1.Welcome Nancy Fulton

Thanks for survey input, executive members summer input, and RWTO convention participants. We were honoured to win the Barbara Bain Membership Award. This is for our 2017-2018 membership increase.  This award has a $200 monetary value. Members are welcome to sign up to receive our on-going communication by e-mail. The printing cost of material continues to rise.Kelly, our Area 2 Director, is encouraging anyone to submit and share photos you have or will take this year with her. She encouraged members to purchase  50/50 Draw tickets if they haven’t as of yet.

2.Membership Marina Howlett

Marina welcomed new members. She reminded them to collect their Welcome Gift at the Registration desk if they haven’t already. For all members, she encouraged them to remind their friends to submit their membership. On a second note, our Drayton Luncheon will be on June 12 and the pay will be “Annie”

3.Budget Mary Hermann

Summary of the budget was available at each table. This is presented at the first meeting each fall for approval. Cost are rising for our luncheons. Today’s luncheon is being subsidised for $4.00 per plate. The motion to accept the budget was 1st by Mary Walsh and carried.

4.Travel Lynn Morrison

Haunted Toronto trip tickets available.         Oct. 24

Possible Options for next year include:

Dear Evan Hansen, Royal Alec Theatre, Brigadoon, Shaw Festival, Point Pelee, Kington , Ottawa and Gatineau, Agawa Canyon or Diefenbaker Bunker.

Focus will be on Canadian locations.

5.Goodwill Joan Berry

Let us know if you are aware of anyone over 80 that would appreciated receiving a Birthday or Christmas card or need a caring/sharing/suffering correspondence from us. Use the table baskets to submit the information.

6.Insurance Sandra O’Connor

Brochures are available at the front. RWTO Insurance at around $14.49 per month is a reasonable purchase for the extras it can provide.

7.New Members Marion Kelly

She requested that they come to the front to receive their RWTO Membership pins

Thanks for Meal          Carol Christie

8.Draws             50/50 Draw                 Joan McCormack

Early Bird                    Carolyn Schmidt

Attendance                 Marilyn Coleman

9. Interest Groups Carol Christie and all

Each group presented a summary of what their group is about and how often they meet.

10. Guest Speaker Joan Berry

Elaine Charal, a Graphologist, provided all with a variety of insights on what we express about ourselves as we write. She also delved into prominent people and what a simple selection of a tie can give us clues of their personality.

Next Meeting

Wednesday Dec. 5, 2018

Meville United Church, Fergus

Collection will be for

Sleeping Children Around the World


 Please contact Carol Christie, Interest Groups Coordinator, if you have questions:

 The following groups are open to additional members

 Name of Interest Group               Coordinator                                Time

 Walking Club                                    Jane Shifflett/Carol Christie                  2nd Mon.

Hiking Club                                          Jane Shifflett                                         3rd Mon.

Movie Groups                                      Wendy Thompson/Guelph.                   Varies

Johanne Martin/Elora

GF Book Club                                       Joan Berry/Fergus/Elora                      TBD

Travel Club                                            Carol Christie                                       2nd Thurs

Singing Group 2                                   Needs Coordinator

Live Entertainment Group             Carol Christie

Event determined

Art Club                                                      Susan Hersey

Event determined

French Club                                              Bonnie Burton

Drumming Club                                      Sandra O’Connor

(With KW in Waterloo)

Games Club                                               Jane Rocher                                          1st Wed.

Card making/Scrapbooking              Donna Rawbone.                                  Wed. AM