Haldimand is a rural county on the Niagara penninsula in southern Ontario, located on the north shore of Lake Erie and on the Grand River. Our largest towns are Caledonia, Cayuga, Dunnville, Jarvis and Hagersville.

The Haldimand Branch of RWTO/OERO has over 100 members and 7 life members.  Our branch has met faithfully for many years at a Spring Luncheon (May), a Fall Luncheon (October) and a Christmas Luncheon (December).

The Haldimand Branch President is Joanne Weeks (289 )442 5730 or email weeksj13jrw33@gmail.com.  Please contact any of the Executive members that are listed below for information on how to join or about upcoming events.


Past PresidentSandra Salerno905-765-0201 smsalerno@rogers.com
PresidentJoanne Weeks289-442-5730 weeksj13jrw33@gmail.com
1st Vice PresidentAnne Mageran905-774-1055 a.mageran@rogers.com
2nd Vice PresidentSusan Payne 519 420 0621 paysusan@gmail.com
TreasurerKate Head905 807 9213 rwtokhead13@gmail.com
MembershipSeeking New Membership Chair
InsuranceSusanne Austin905-774-6150
GoodwillSusan Payne 519 420 0621 paysusan@gmail.com

 RWTO/OERO Haldimand Past Presidents 

1973-1975 Edith Filsinger 

1975-1977 Vera Scott 

1977-1979 Agnes Small 

1979-1981 Grace Baldwin 

1981-1983 Dorothy Parsons 

1983-1985 Phyllis Noble 

1985-1987 Jennie Gibson 

1987-1989 Ruby Kett 

1989-1990 Beverley Wilson 

1990-1992 Jean Williams 

1992-1994 Joy Kohler 

1994-1997 Jean Laidlaw 

1997-1999 Mona Inglis 

1999-2001 Wyn Overend 

2001-2003 Rose Sloat 

2003-2005 Anne Wilde 

2005-2007 Karen Walton 

2007-2010 Lois Lockhart 

2010-2012 Betsy McBurney 

2012-2014 Jackie Large 

2014-2016 Peggy Taylor 

2016-2018 Evelyn Martin 

2018-2020 Sandra Salerno 

2020- Joanne Weeks 

Provincial Presidents from RWTO/OERO Haldimand Branch 

1997-1998 Shirley Hoover

2017-2018 Lois Lockhart 


RWTO/OERO Haldimand Cora Bailey Award Recipients

2008 Shirley Hoover

2014 Margaret Clause

2017 Peggy Taylor

2018 Anne Wilde

2018 Betsy McBurney

2019 Roberta Bridge

2019 Linda Hart

2019 Karen Walton

2020 Linda Enns Pitts

2020 Lois Lockhart

2021 Joy Kohler

2021 Wyn Overend

2022 Evelyn Martin

2022 Kay Swayze


Remembrance Day Services – Saturday, November 11, 2022
All are invited to join other area RWTO members as RWTO wreaths are laid during Remembrance Day services at cenotaphs in Caledonia, Cayuga, Dunnville, Hagersville, Jarvis and Port Dover.  Contact local Canadian Legions for locations and times of services.

Christmas Luncheon – Monday, December 5, 2022
At Grace United Church, Caledonia – social at 10:45 and turkey dinner at 12:00 followed by a Carol Sing and Christmas Raffle draw.
Raffle prizes donated by members on the Out of Town, Hagersville and Jarvis lists
Donations – Gift cards or cheques made to “Haldimand Norfolk Women’s Services”
Collection – Beautiful junk for area pre-school programs
Cost – RWTO members – $24.00
Non-Members – $29.00

Spring Luncheon – Monday, May 1, 2023
At South Cayuga Community Church – social at 10:45 and lunch at 12:00
Donations – Collection of nonperishable food items for our area food banks – Caledonia, Cayuga, Dunnville, Hagersville, Jarvis
Cost– TBA

Celebrating with Grace McBride April 2015


Recently Sandra Salerno from the Haldimand RWTO Executive had the pleasure of attending a celebration for the 103rd birthday of Grace McBride. Sandra presented flowers to Grace at a Haldimand-Norfolk Community Senior Support Services event. Rebecca Bailey, who runs the program in Caledonia and Sandra Salerno posed for a photo with Grace who is a very active centenarian!

Grace McBride

Grace McBride, who is now 102, was an elementary teacher in Haldimand County. When she finished high school in Cayuga where she grew up, she was too young to attend Hamilton Normal School. With a friend’s help, she taught herself to type in order to work in a lawyer’s office for two years. She had been an outstanding student and would have liked to attend university, but as she was the oldest of four children, the family could not afford the expense.

After teacher’s training, she taught in one-room schoolhouses in Haldimand County for the next ten years, driving out from Cayuga in a very old car with no heater and ising-glass curtains for windows. Her father gave her a pair of old buffalo skin mittens to keep her hands from freezing, and hand-carved some beautiful wooden pointers to bring her luck. She enjoyed teaching and tried to give her students something special to look forward to including literary evenings (featuring recitations and a play) Christmas concerts, picnics and sports events. She taught the girls to knit and sew and the boys how to use a jig-saw to make wooden animals and birds. When the weather was not good, they all learned the basics of Scottish country dancing.

During the summers, she took courses at McMaster and Western to achieve a year of university. When the war came, she and the whole class made a quilt which was donated to the war effort. She had met her husband-to-be when they were both sixteen, but he worked for a bank which forbade their young employees to marry and as a teacher she would not be allowed to teach if she married. Finally they were able to marry and she stayed home to look after the children John, Robert and Mary Jean. They lived in several towns as the bank moved the family around in Southern Ontario. Occasionally she was asked to supply teach when people learned she was a teacher. Grace discovered that she was only one year away from a small pension, so when her children were in high school, she went back to teach long enough to achieve her goal.

At the age of 51, she took a course in watercolour painting and found that she was a natural artist. Many friends and acquaintances have requested her paintings. Another hobby over the years was Scottish country dancing which she enjoyed until she was 88! When her husband retired, they settled in Dunnville. He died several years ago. Now Grace lives with her daughter Mary Jean Folinsbee in a house on the shore of Lake Erie.

She is proud of her children (two became teachers) her six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. As well as her art, she enjoys reading, television, attending community events and watching the birds. What is the secret of her long life? She says she has always had a strong faith. Her daughter says Grace has the gift of enjoying the moment and looking forward to the future. Beware if you visit – with a twinkle she may try some mental arithmetic on you! Her parents named her “Grace”, a name that certainly suits Grace McBride.

Jackie Carson


Feather In The Hat Award 2022

Remembrance Day  Wreaths

Haldimand Branch was very pleased to honour Anne Wilde for her excellent work at the Provincial level.  She received a Provincial HonoraryMembership at  the 2022 London RWTO/OERO Convention.
RWTO/OERO Haldimand Branch President, Joanne Weeks,  accepted the Barbara Bain Award on behalf of the membership team for increase in membership as well as the wonderful Feather in Your Hat Award for our Remembrance Day wreaths.

RWTO/OERO Haldimand Cora Bailey Award Recipients 

2008 Shirley Hoover

2014 Margaret Clause 

2017 Peggy Taylor 

2018 Anne Wilde 

2018 Betsy McBurney 

2019 Roberta Bridge 

2019 Linda Hart 

2019 Karen Walton 

2020 Linda Enns Pitts

2020 Lois Lockhart

2021 Joy Kohler

2021 Wyn Overend

2022 Evelyn Martin

2022 Kay Swayze

RWTO/OERO Haldimand Honorary Membership Award Recipients

 1999 Shirley Hoover

2018 Lois Lockhart

2022 Anne Wilde


Barbara Bain Award

Feather In The Cap Award

Nine quilters gathered at Peggy Taylor’s home again as part of our regular bees to complete Touch Quilts. Haldimand RWTO members suggest names and places for quilt recipients.  Thanks as always to Peggy Taylor for initiating this project and opening her home to the quilters monthly throughout the year.

‘Members of Haldimand Branch recently donated over $2200.00 to the Haldimand Norfolk Women’s Services.

Grandview and Edgewater Donations

Left  Photo:
Presenting our RWTO Haldimand donation to Beth from Grandview Lodge in Dunnville for their Christmas stocking program for residents. An annual donation.
Left to right:  Beth, Anne Wilde, Joanne Weeks, Anne Mageran

Right Photo: 
Presenting our RWTO Haldimand donation to Judy from Edgewater Gardens in Dunnville for the Christmas program.  A new donation—caring for our communities.
Left to right:Anne Mageran, Judy from Edgewater, Joanne Weeks, Anne Wilde

Ring the Bell

 For the Jarvis Caring Cupboard

Haldimand Food Drives were recently held outside in two local parks—

one in Cayuga and one in Caledonia.

Thank you to members who contributed and to those who attended  to contribute

but also to sit and chat.

A special “shout out” to Roberta Bridge who attended all four food drives.

RWTO/OERO Haldimand Branch was excited to present a total of $1700.00 in gift cards and cheques to Haldimand Norfolk Women’s Services on December 9th, 2021.
Branch members who wished to help out sent in their donations. We also presented two knitted quilts and a large bag of new children’s clothing.

Pictured here from left to right:  Past President Sandra Salerno, 1st Vice President Anne Mageran, President Joanne Weeks and Executive Director of HNWS Jane Scheel.

Retired Women Teachers of Ontario gives annual gift to Haldimand and Norfolk Women’s Services

‘The response was amazing’

The Sachem
Tuesday, December 15, 2020

More than just a chance for friends and colleagues to get together, though, it was a chance for the group’s members to bring in donations for the Haldimand and Norfolk Women’s Services shelter; things like toiletries, sheets, pyjamas and winter wear.

“But, in this year, when we were not able to meet in person, we invited our members to donate cheques and gift cards,” said branch president Joanne Weeks. “The response was amazing.”

Left to Right: Sandra Salerno Past President, Joanne weeks President, Anne Mageran 1st Vice President, and a representative of the staff at the Haldimand Norfolk Women’s Services.

The Haldimand Branch of the Retired Women Teacher of Ontario (RWTO) has initiated an

Outreach Program to assist a local woman in her educational journey. Once a year, a deserving

candidate, whose information and application has been submitted by one of our members, will

receive a one-time donation of $500 to help with her educational needs. To be eligible,

submissions must meet the following criteria:

• Be needed for educational purposes, i.e. computer needs, tuition, books or tools,

transportation to course, babysitting, other needs linked to improving education

• Be for a local woman

• Be for someone in financial need

• Be recommended by a community agency (optional)

• Be submitted by an RWTO/Haldimand member

• Be received by a committee member no later than Dec. 31, 2021

Please click on the file below to open up the form and the follow the instructions:


Caring And Sharing

Throughout the year those attending Haldimand Branch of RWTO/OERO events make donations to charities and special projects including the following:

  • Haldimand- Norfolk Women’s Shelter
  • Haldimand Food Banks
  • Grandview Lodge Christmas Stocking Program
  • Edgewater Manor Santa Program
  • Collection of beautiful junk for the Early Years Resource Centre in Hagersville