We are holding some Social Distancing Events.

Welcome to RWTO Oakville Branch. The Oakville Branch is a small group of vibrant, enthusiastic ladies who welcome all retired women teachers to come and join us. All retired women teachers are eligible to join at any time. Please come and join us.

We are small, but we are mighty,

Dedicated, resourceful, supporting, tightly.

Sharing connects us to each other,

And has the power to bind us together.


Our wonderful motto of caring and sharing,

Is truly and greatly exemplified,

As we show concern for each gal’s faring.

It’s a solid truth that can’t be denied.


In great dedication, we gals do exert

Our utmost, when called for a special role.

Volunteering hours of time, and effort;

We use our talents to achieve a goal,


In  two years time, we host Penta. once more.

Needless to say, for so  great an event;

Many hands will get busy, to work as before,

And countless hours will surely be spent.


We help those in need, with each donation,

To some charities; so to you, we should tell

About Food 4 Kids, and Kerr Street Mission,

And Lighthouse for Grieving Children as well.


Areas of outreach, for children and youth,

Like Sleeping Children Around the World;

And ROCK, do need help, and to tell the truth;

It’s a way for support and care to unfurl.


Our witty ,informative, clever, newsletter,

Informs us all, of a coming event.

Colourful photos that could not be better,

Portray how joyfully, our time is spent.


Interest group meetings are very well done,

Book or Bridge Club, according to yen;

In each other’s homes to have some fun,

With G.A.R.D.E.N. Club, or Thursdays at 10.


Out to Lunch Bunch gets us out the door,

As Tea rooms,and  Cinematic Sisters,do.

We love  our Branch luncheons, maybe three or four ;

Or a Velodrome tour, Springridge Farm too.


So many outings, none are poor, we assure.

Zack’s Fashion Show, and the Weather Network,

The Lighthouse, and the Queen’s Park Tour,

And the Hamilton Mum Show as an added perk.


Valued executives and convenors provide

Responsible and caring leadership for all.

Following policies, for the members they guide

Through winter, spring , summer and fall.


So though our membership is somewhat small,

We manage to spread joy and inspiration.

We accomplish a lot , quite adeptly overall.

Yes,Oakville Branch is our proud organization.


For more information please contact:


Diane Sinden   rwtooakville@gmail.com

Check us out on Facebook


About Us

“We may be small in numbers, but we’re mighty in our commitment to our members and our community. We have a variety of interest groups, events, and tours for our members. We are working on projects and financially support many charities in the community.”

We are an active group of young at heart retired teachers who enjoy Sharing and Caring within our community.

  • Foster small group interaction among retired women teachers to help establish new friendships and maintain those of former colleagues
  • Provide a variety of interesting, stimulating and supportive programs for retired teachers
  • Provide information about a unique hospital and home care insurance plan, which is administered at the provincial level, to each RWTO/OERO member and their spouse, at a reasonable cost.
  • Provide support for colleagues in times of illness, loneliness, stress, sorrow, as well as at times of celebration
  • Contribute to charities and community groups
  • Provide a newsletter several times a year; that allows members to be aware of current branch information

RWTO Oakville Branch Activities & Events


“We are having Zoom Meetings for the Tuesday at 10.”

Please contact Cathy D. for further information.


Interest Groups

Please contact convenors for updates on events planned.

Book Club, Bridge Group, Garden Club, Movies, Out to Lunch Bunch, Tuesday @ 10 ,Tea Room Adventures





Cora Bailey Award Recipients

Leslie W. and Bev T.





Kerr Street Mission



St. John’s Ambulance Pet Therapy

 Shifra House

 Robbie’s Rainbow

  Halton Women’s Place


It was with great sadness that we lost two dear friends and members, Vera Mac., on May 20, 2020, in her 91st year, and Elfriede B., on August 5, 2020, beginning her 87th year.








After a courageous battle with family by her side, our dear loving Eleanor passed away on Sunday, October
13, 2019 in her 91st year at Princess Margaret Hospital. Eleanor was a retired teacher and especially enjoyed teaching young children. She earned a Master’s degree in Education. Some of her many skills included being : a “wanna be” carpenter, an upholsterer, seamstress, renovator and decorator, artist, counselor and overall great friend and loving human being.