Orillia Branch 6

Orillia Branch successfully used a new method of running its meetings last year. A change was made in executive roles as well as in responsibility for program and we planned to continue the same system this year. Groups of three had been responsible for welcoming and chairing the gathering, providing programming and recording minutes.

Unfortunately the pandemic has impacted our plans and we have not not been able to meet since early in 2020. Most of our members have been communicating with each other via telephone and email on an ongoing basis.

We hope that all will remain diligent and safe until such time that we can again resume our monthly meetings and social gatherings in person.

We are planning to have our first Zoom meeting at our regular meeting time in October.

Executive 2020-2021

PRESIDENT Kay-Anne Broger705-329-2469 kabro@sympatico.ca
TREASURERJoan Gordon705-326-3357 joan2harry@rogers.com
INSURANCERenie Drybrough705-325-9499 reniedrybrough@gmail.com

Convenors 2020-2021

COMMUNICATIONSYvonne Bromley705-689-6744 effiebromley@gmail.com
GOODWILLJoan Banbury705-487-2108 jon.ban@xplornet.ca

Orillia Branch 60th Anniversary Song

RWTO – Orillia Words

In Orillia and surroundings we have me to for sixty years.
And our auctions raised some money to donate
To the boys and Girls club locally (it seemed the thing to do)
Since those children often several years do wait.

Now our School Belles sing for seniors and they practice week by week.
At our meetings they will entertain us too.
In orange and black we sometimes dress when time to celebrate
And we often hear from speakers who are new.

Orillia Verses: Lois Cullis