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Welcome to Peel North Retired Women Teachers. We are a caring and fun-loving group who welcome new members. We meet once a month six times a year and during those meetings we have the opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with colleagues and meet new ones. Also, at these meetings we offer a variety of entertainment – ranging from a theatre talk, a murder mystery game to a fun fashion show. In-between we have a large variety of interest groups that meet on an on-going basis.
For more information, please contact:

President Kathy Avey at:


Kathy Avey President
Pearl CookPast President
Barb BalmerSecretary
Teresa De SouzaTreasurer


Archivist Janice Awde
GoodwillRuth Taylor
InsuranceJoan Swenor-Wolfe
Interest GroupsStephanie Szumlanski
MembershipBonnie Freeman
Frances Kurzreiter
Program Liz Reinhart
Cathy Bennett
Clare Ganson-Bell

Events 2019

Cora Bailey Award Recipients 2021-2022


Cora Bailey Award Recipients 2019-2021

Previous Recipients of the Cora Bailey Award

Top Row:Maureen Mellor, Brenda Bissell, Lorna Knapp

Bottom Row: Loison Helmer ( with Karen Walters)


Barbara Copp

Pauline Krayetski



   Barb Sweeney

    Dee McEnaney

  Margaret McNair

   Marie Blazic

Joanne Mackie

   Mary Jean Kralik


Ruth Longbottom

Anne Brownjohn

Willa Woodill

Gundy Kistemaker