Peel North

Welcome to Peel North Retired Women Teachers. We are a caring and fun-loving group who welcome new members. We meet once a month six times a year and during those meetings we have the opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with colleagues and meet new ones. Also, at these meetings we offer a variety of entertainment – ranging from a theatre talk, a murder mystery game to a fun fashion show. In-between we have a large variety of interest groups that meet on an on-going basis.
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President Kathy Avey at:


Kathy Avey President
Pearl CookPast President
Barb BalmerSecretary
Teresa De SouzaTreasurer


Archivist Janice Awde
CommunicationsBrenda Bissell
Sandra Novak
GoodwillRuth Taylor
InsuranceJoan Swenor-Wolfe
Interest GroupsStephanie Szumlanski
MembershipBonnie Freeman
Frances Kurzreiter
Program Liz Reinhart
Cathy Bennett
Clare Ganson-Bell

Events 2019

Cora Bailey Award Recipients 2021-2022


Cora Bailey Award Recipients 2019-2021

Previous Recipients of the Cora Bailey Award

Top Row:Maureen Mellor, Brenda Bissell, Lorna Knapp

Bottom Row: Loison Helmer ( with Karen Walters)


Ruby Chung Feb 23, 2022

Olga Stevenson October 6 2021

Ruth Scott May 14, 2021


Barbara Copp

Pauline Krayetski



   Barb Sweeney

    Dee McEnaney

  Margaret McNair

   Marie Blazic

Joanne Mackie

   Mary Jean Kralik


Ruth Longbottom

Anne Brownjohn

Willa Woodill

Gundy Kistemaker