St. Thomas-Elgin

St.Thomas-Elgin Executive 2022-2023

Call Convenor Patty Legault, Communications Convenor Karen Auckland, Insurance Convenor Judy DeGroote, Treasurer and Membership Convenor Millie Gremonprez, Provincial President Nancy Bell, Secretary Susan Grieve, First Vice President Rita Demcheson, President Cathy Gardiner, & Past President Sue Bandeen.




Executive 2022-2023

Past PresidentSue Bandeen
First Vice PresidentRita
Second Vice President ( TBA)
Insurance ConvenorJudy De


Communications ConvenorKaren
Telephone ConvenorPatti
Goodwill Convenors
Building MembershipHazel
Archives Sue

 RWTO Summer Reading List 2022: as shared by members of St. Thomas Elgin Branch 

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Historical Trivia About RWTO/OERO

Compiled by Hazel Sims and Carole Watson


  • Inaugural meeting was organized in Toronto
  • 1956 – Provincial organization became the Ontario Association of Superannuated Women Teachers (OASWT) on April 3, 1956
  • First organized to protest the low pensions paid to retired women teachers of Ontario
  • Annual membership fees ranged from $0.25 -$1.00 for pensions $600 to just over $1000
  • 1980 –official handbook was published
  • 1999- name changed to Retired Teachers of Ontario (RWTO)
  • 2003- Cora Bailey Award – to recognize outstanding contributions at Branch level
  • 2004- Feather in your Hat Award-to recognize creative, innovative and successful activities at Branch level
  • 2005- Barbara Bain Membership Award– $200 to each of three Branches by size for largest increase in membership

St. Thomas-Elgin Branch…. DID YOU KNOW…

  • November 20,1964 – decided to organize and meet at Ruth Ramey’s home
  • 1966- membership fee $0 if pension $600, $.50 if more than $600, and $1 if $1000, and $1 for every $1000 over $2000
  • October 6, 1969 – men came to meeting to observe and wanted us to join them – women would lose their identity and would not be part of OASWT so didn’t join
  • 1970 – Minimum pension $2100 from $1200
  • January 1976 – celebrated 100th meeting
  • February 17,1984 Chatham-Kent – our twin OASWT unit/branch
  • 2011-2012 meetings became luncheons meetings where business and programs followed
  • 2016 – 60th Anniversary of provincial RWTO
  • March 2020 – due to Covid 19 and the pandemic, meetings were cancelled and held virtually by ZOOM
  • October 21, 2021- First in-person meeting where we follow all Covid guidelines
  • October 2021 – our branch has 138 members

An Invitation To New Members

Click here to download the invitation.


President Catherine Gardiner
Past PresidentSue
First Vice PresidentRita
Second Vice President (TBA)Susan
Insurance ConvenorJudy De


Communications ConvenorKaren
Telephone ConvenorPatti
Goodwill Convenors:
Building MembershipHazel
Archives Sue


Click here to download the “2022-2023 Year at A Glance Chart.”


RWTO St Thomas-Elgin Branch November Meeting

Date: Thursday, November 17th 2022

Venue: Masonic Centre

42703 Fruit Ridge Line

St. Thomas



11:00 Registration

12:00 Meal & Program

Meal: Turkey Dinner, salads & Sticky Toffee Pudding

Cash bar available

Fee $35

cheques- payable to RWTO St Thomas-Elgin

e-transfer to Millie Gremonprez at


Our charity this month is Christmas Care so if you wish, you can make a donation (cheques are

preferred if you want a tax receipt) or donate a new toy or book.


RWTO St Thomas-Elgin Branch October Meeting

. Thomas-Elgin RWTO is hosting a September Coffee break to welcome back our members.

Date:     Thursday, September 18th, 2022

Venue:  St. Thomas Seniors’ Centre

225 Chestnut Street

St. Thomas, ON

Time:     *10:00 Registration

10:30 Program

Snack:    Coffee, tea, muffins and fruit

Fee:         $10    *cheques payable to St.Thomas-Elgin RWTO or

e-transfer Millie Gremonprez at

Please remember to invite a retired teacher, who is not an RWTO member, and you both have a chance to win a gift.  Enjoy a social time with a couple of surprises.

FUN-raiser Toonie Board! Bring your toonies to purchase one or more $2 squares for a chance to win $100. Proceeds to help defray the costs of the 2023 June Convention.

Covid Protocols: Effective September 1,2022, the St. Thomas-Elgin RWTO branch recommends that members attending our meetings keep vaccinations up to date. The wearing of masks is optional and members are asked to refrain from attending the meeting if feeling unwell or have been in direct contact with someone with COVID, or has tested positive for COVID.

*Once committed, you are responsible for payment of the meeting fee.

Our June RWTO meeting for St. Thomas-Elgin was held at the Stoneridge Inn with 85 members in attendance. Millie and Gianna greeted the ladies as they arrive.  President Sue welcomed everyone and shared the news that at the convention, our branch placed 2nd for the Barbara Bain Membership Award in the amount of $300. Vice-President Cathy thanks Durkee’s Fashions in Alymer for sharing their clothing with us and giving each member a Durkee’s gift certificate for $10. Millie thanked everyone who has already submitted their membership dues for 2022/23. Receiving dues early definitely helps with budgeting for the upcoming year. Millie also stated that over $1000 has been collected for our September Backpack Project. Way to go ladies!  Second Vice-President Rita thanked Goodwill Convenors and the callers for a job well done.

Nancy Bell, the outgoing Provincial President brought greetings and the new executive for 2022/2023 was inducted:  Past President Sue Bandeen, President Cathy Gardiner, First Vice President Rita Demcheson, Treasurer and Membership Convenor Millie Gremonprez, Secretary Susan Grieve, Communications Convenor Karen Auckland, Insurance Convenor Judy DeGroote and Call Convenor Patty Legault.  Nancy gave a brief outline of some provincial activities and priorities going forward.  Sue welcomed seven guests from the Chatham Kent branch, including Lyn Sulman our Area Three director.



During our meeting at the Kettle Creek Golf and Country Club, we had a meaningful memorial service for those special members who had passed away during the past two years. A candle was lit for each woman and a flower was placed in a vase as a lovely tribute. Our members stood for a moment of silence in their honour.

We also heard a presentation from Kimberly Howcroft from Elgin Hospice who explained what hospice is and how it is a wraparound experience for the entire family of the person in care.  Elgin County was the only area in this region without a hospice facility and they expect to complete the 10 bed facility for palliative and respite care in late 2023.Members gave very generously to this important project as we donated $1411.00!

Our second speaker, Annette Anderson shared her knowledge and expertise about container gardening. Annette covered many important points about creating and caring for garden planters, including containers, drainage, soil mix, fertilizer, watering and so much more.

Millie reminded members to pay their $45 membership fee and is now accepting donations for our annual backpack project. Our executive is looking for a 2nd Vice President, an Insurance Convenor, and a Goodwill Convenor for the central area. Thank you, Patricia LeGault, for taking over Rita’s position as the Caller Convenor. We do need another caller to fill Patricia’s position.  Sue made a few closing remarks and reminded members of the June 16th meeting at the Best Western Stoneridge Inn where our fashion show featuring Durkees Fashions will take place.


RWTO St. Thomas-Elgin Branch General Meeting

Thursday, March 24, 2022

St. Thomas Golf and Country Club


As members arrived, people were welcomed by President Sue Bandeen , donations for the East Elgin Community Assistance Program were collected, and then members were able to purchase a square on the toonie board (fundraiser for convention costs). Millie Gremonprez and Rita Demcheson looked after registration and name tags.  We had 64 members registered and approximately 60 attended.

At noon President Sue called the meeting to order, and gave a big thank you to Monique Woods who had done all of the organizing with the golf club as she is a member.  This enabled us to keep our costs very manageable and we are grateful to Monique for all her assistance.

President Sue also thanked members for collecting pop tabs and gave a huge shout out to Aurilla Ripley for organizing the pop tab donations for wheelchairs. Thank you to Judy DeGroote for visiting Marion Jasper for her 80th birthday.


Millie gave a brief treasurer’s report and membership update. Tables were then called up to enjoy a lovely pasta and salad bar buffet, followed by a choice of desserts.


At 1:00 p.m. 2nd V.P. Rita Demcheson introduced our guest speaker, local author Nichola Zacher.  Nichola shared her background on what inspired her to begin writing books about a dog named Marley.  After her talk, Cathy Gardiner thanked her and presented her with a small token of appreciation.

First V.P. Cathy Gardiner then made a presentation to Deb Woods for the East Elgin Community Assistance Program.  Deb spoke for a few minutes about her work as a volunteer there.  She told us that in 2021, 198 households were served, representing 562 people.  They also provide snacks for school programs.  Today we raised over $600 cash plus several boxes of non-perishable food items for Deb to take to EECAP.

Our Toonie Board sold out all 100 squares so we were able to make our draw.  The proceeds are used to help offset our convention expenses and we will do another toonie board next month.  Thank you to Karen Auckland for organizing this and to Monique Woods for helping to collect toonies.  Our second place winner of $10 was Mary Lynch, and our grand prize winner of $100 was Patricia Legault.

President Sue then gave a brief convention update on who will attend from our branch and opportunities for others to help or to participate. The meeting ended at 1:30 p.m. with many members leaving with a door prize, a toonie board prize, and everyone leaving with a smile after a lovely time spent with good friends.


November Meeting 2021

The November general meeting of RWTO St. Thomas-Elgin was held on Thursday, November 18 at the Masonic Centre where 80 members were served a delicious turkey dinner from Kathy’s Catering. As members arrived, donations for Christmas Care and our prize table were collected. Cathy Gardiner, Judy De Groote and Karen Auckland bundled the prize table donations into many attractive baskets to be used as door prizes and Susan Grieve collected and boxed Christmas Care items as members arrived.

President Sue Bandeen called the meeting to order at 12:00 with general remarks and a special introduction of our musical guest Connie Furtney. Connie played seasonal music as people arrived and shared a display of items from an educational trip she participated in through the Canadian Teachers’ Federation to Uganda. We hope to invite Connie back again to speak about this experience.

Throughout the luncheon meeting, Sue did draws for the lovely prizes and she read trivia questions, she and Susan Grieve had organized. Sue introduced Richard Auckland, a board member for Christmas Care, to speak briefly on the program, the numbers served and how it operates. Cathy Gardiner and Rita Demcheson presented him with cash and cheque donations totaling $1570 in addition to the 9 boxes of toys and books.

After dessert, Sue made a special presentation of the Past President’s Pin to Lynn Christie and presented new member pins to Susan Grieve (2020), Mary Lynch (2021), Chris Shaw (2021) and Jolene Davis (2021). Sue gave a brief outline of the annual convention for next year and filled members in on the tentative plans for this area as we and London are the hosts. Major decisions regarding in-person vs virtual will be made in January. Sue encouraged everyone to stay informed via the e-news and the website as we go forward.

After 4 rounds of trivia, we then announced the first, second and third place teams for the trivia contest and invited everyone at each table to the prize table to pick out a prize. In addition, there were questions at each table for 3 people to take one of the three items in the centre of the table home as a prize; who was retired the longest, retired the most recently and taught in the most schools.

The next meeting will be March 24, 2022 at the St. Thomas Golf and Country Club.

October Meeting 2021

The first in-person general meeting was held on October 21 at the St. Thomas Seniors Centre. As members arrived, they were greeted and treated with coffee, tea, and muffins. They were able to watch a slide show of the past two years and enjoyed the hall adorned with mums, table arrangements and chocolate treats!

Leslie Carroll-Frey introduced and inducted the new executive. The past executive members were presented with mums to thank them for their many years of service. Those receiving mums where Lynn Christie (president), Diane Pease (secretary), Susan Jakob (communication convenor), Leslie Carroll-Frey (area 3 director and archivist), Wendy Glover (archivist), and Ruth Quenneville (membership convenor).

Our guest speaker was Marion Rose from Elgin Travel who gave and enthusiastic and informative talk on the Rocky Mountaineer Vacation. Now, we all have the travel bug!

The intent of this meeting was to welcome members back, and to have fun. We had two draws for gift baskets made by Susan Grieve. The first lucky recipient was member Lillian Anderson and the second went to one of our guests, Mary Lynch. Sue and Susan did an RWTO version of “Who has a Bingo?”  Members had to stand if they could answer yes to any of the questions.

Millie announced that we have 138 paid members of our branch of RWTO. HOORAY!! Rita asked for volunteers to be callers and if anyone is interested, please contact her.

The final part of the program was the culmination of the Backpack Project, headed by Gianna Filipovic and Monique Wood. The branch raised over $900 and were able to fill 30 backpacks for 30 students, JK to grade 8! Gianna and Monique officially presented the backpacks to Liz Brown, Executive Director of Violence Against Women Shelter. Liz expressed her sincere gratitude and shared many of the challenges of this past year. Thank you, ladies for your contributions!




The St Thomas-Elgin RWTO/OERO

Sue Bandeen is presented with her Past President’s Pin from

St. Thomas-Elgin RWTO’s President Cathy Gardiner

St. Thomas-Elgin RWTO’S Cora Bailey Award Winners for 2022

Recipient: Millie Gremonprez

Our first Cora Bailey recipient for 2022 is Millie Gremonprez. In 2019, Millie volunteer to be our Branch Treasurer. Eventually this position included the Membership position. During her first year as Treasurer, she created Excel spread sheets for the Budget as well as the Membership List. These spread sheets were clear and easy to follow. During the pandemic, Millie introduced the membership to e-transfers to make it easier for them to pay their dues and meeting fees. She made sure that any information such as newsletters and reminders were blasted to the membership. Millie is always willing to share her computer expertise to anyone who needs help with computer programs. She is always willing to lend a helping hand. Although Millie was not on the 2022 Convention Committee, she volunteered to spend an afternoon with me in Sparta visiting the various shops for the proposed Pinecroft-Sparta Tour. She is always thinking of ways to stretch our budget. When Millie learned that the Golden K Kiwanis was looking to give grants to community service groups, she suggested that we apply for a grant. And guess what, we were awarded a grant for this year! Millie has given this Branch outstanding service!

This exemplifies our motto of caring and sharing.

Photo: Vice-President Rita Demcheson, Treasurer Millie Gremonprez and President Cathy Gardiner

Congratulations Millie! Submitted by Rita Demcheson

I am very proud to say a few words about our second Cora Bailey Award recipient, as she is a very, very dear friend. Our second winner is Sue Bandeen.

I have known Sue for several years, and I know that no matter what cause or organization she dedicates her time to, she does so with complete commitment, great enthusiasm, and she brings a multitude of talents with her. This award refers to outstanding service and remark- able leadership…and that de- scribes perfectly how Sue guided our branch through the worst of the pandemic. She used her imagination and inno- vation to find ways to keep members informed and en-

gaged. She thought outside of the box to keep everyone connected and keep our branch growing…no small feat during repeated lockdowns and COVID restrictions. Sue is passionate about education, passionate about helping others, passionate about being part of community, passionate any- thing she commits to…and she has shown repeatedly her commitment to our branch of RWTO. Congratulations Sue…you are highly deserving of this special recognition, and we thank you for your service and leadership within our branch.

Presented by Susan Grieve

Photo: Secretary Susan Grieve, Past President Sue Bandeen, President Cathy Gardiner

Barbara Bain Award 2022



Click here to see the awards file.


Beth Phoenix is Past President of our St Thomas-Elgin RWTO Branch. She was actively involved with ETFO while teaching, so was willing and able to step into the role of our President when she was needed. Beth continues as a mentor and member of RWTO, when she is not busy with grandchildren, golf, quilting, and community volunteering.



Left to Right:

Leslie Carroll-Frey is presently District 3 RWTO Director. This is her second year in this position which she has been thoroughly enjoying getting to know many in all District 3 Branches. She has also been one of the St Thomas-Elgin Branch Archivists for many years.

Susan Jakob has been a member of the St Thomas-Elgin executive since she retired in 2010 holding the positions of treasurer for four years and then going through the Chair positions. She is presently Communications Convenor.

Wendy Glover has worked closely with good friend, Leslie, sharing the St Thomas-Elgin Branch role of Archivist. These ladies have recorded written and photo documentation of all our meetings for many years.

All their efforts are greatly appreciated by our branch!

2008-2009– Theresa Sherratt
2010-2011- Carole Watson
2010-2011- Elsie Parish
2010-2011– Margaret Hulls
2011-2012- Sandra Andrews
2011-2012- Mary Robinson
2011-2012- Fran Wren
2012-2013- Mona Wilkins
Wendy Thomson
2012-2013- Monique Wood
2013-2014- Hazel Sims
2013-2014- Nenagh Craik
2013-2014- Judy De Groote
2014-1015- Bonita Bristow
2016-2017- Ruth Quenneville
2016-2017- Gianna Filipovic
2016-2017- Anna Lunn
2017-2018-Leslie Carrol-Frey, Susan Jakob, Wendy Glover
2018-2019- Beth Phoenix
2019-2020– N/A
2012-2022- Lynn Christie, Diane Pease



Thank you St.Thomas-Elgin RWTO members for your generous monetary donations as well as food items for the WEST ELGINDAFFODIL AUXILIARY. Your generosity was greatly appreciated as $715 was raised and several food items were collected for this food bank. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


SEPTEMBER: Backpack Project for children at the St Thomas Womens’ Shelter: Thanks to our members generous cash donations, Gianna Filipovic and Monique Wood shop for school supplies, lunch bags and backpacks for families staying at the shelter

OCTOBERWest Elgin Daffodil Auxiliary Welfare (food bank for West Elgin): donations of either cash or cheque, or non-perishable food items will be most welcomed

NOVEMBER: Christmas Care: donations of cash or cheque, and new books or new toys are graciously accepted as this charity fills Christmas hampers for local families

APRIL: East Elgin Community Assistance Program (Aylmer Corner Cupboard food bank) Cash or cheques, or non-perishable food items are gratefully welcomed

MAY:  The INN (formerly known as Inn Out of the Cold): We will be accepting monetary donations to help those needing to seek shelter, safety and support at the INN.

JUNE: Backpack Project for children at the St Thomas Womens’ Shelter: Monetary donations are collected during this meeting too so Gianna and Monique can shop during the summer.

MAY 19th Luncheon at the Kettle Creek Golf and Country Club:

We heard a presentation from Kimberly Howcroft from Elgin Hospice who explained what hospice is and how it is a wraparound experience for the entire family of the person in care.  Elgin County was the only area in this region without a hospice facility and they expect to complete the 10 bed facility for palliative and respite care in late 2023. Members gave very generously to this important project as we donated $1411.00! Way to go ladies!

St. Thomas-Elgin RWTO/OERO

Charity for the Month of March was the East Elgin Community Assistance Program

Millie and Sue packing up the items for the ECCAP.

Our Charity of the Month for 2021-2022

Books, Toys and Donations for Christmas Care November 18, 2021


 October 21, 2021

  1. Backpacks for Children’s Project at the Violence Against St Thomas Womens’ Shelter in St. Thomas/Elgin –Our generous members donated close to $1000 which was given to members Gianna and Monique to purchase backpacks and school supplies. Thanks for your support!
  2. St Thomas Christmas Care – At the November meeting, we will be collecting new toys, books, gift cards or cash donations to give to Christmas Care who creates Christmas hampers for local families.
  3. East Elgin Community Care Assistance Program – For March, we will collect can goods, toiletries or accept monetary donations for the food bank in Aylmer
  4. West Elgin Daffodil Auxiliary – In April, we are asking for donations (monetary or food items) for the food bank in West Elgin.
  5. Hospice of Elgin – During May’s meeting, we are accepting donations for the new Hospice of Elgin residence. Tax receipts are available if you write a check made payable to them.



Theresa (Terry) Loreen Sherratt

Theresa (Terry) Loreen Sherratt, (Jan. 14, 1931 — August 19, 2022) passed peacefully at University Hospital in London, ON. The eldest of five siblings, she was born in St Thomas, Ontario. Her father, Richard Edwin Hagen, a fisherman/chef and Ethel (nee O’Connor), a teacher, raised their family in Port Dover. Terry met the love of her life, Joseph Sherratt, when she was only 18 years old. It was almost love at first sight — as Joe was a wonderful dancer and a sweet and loving person. After a three year engagement, they married. Terry became an elementary school teacher and began her career in Walsh, in a one room school house. They raised their growing family in Guelph, Galt, and Sudbury, finally settling in St. Thomas. Terry was an excellent teacher and well regarded by her peers. She was involved: in her Church and in the community. The Sherratt’s were a founding family in St. Anne’s Parish. Terry was very active in the choir, CWL, the Festival, and the Apostolic committee. You name a committee — and she was probably on it! She was also an Akela for the Cub Scouts. She taught at Holy Angels, St Raphael, Friendship and finally Forest Park Schools. Her years teaching special needs children were the most challenging and rewarding of her career. Terry took on leadership roles in her federation — as president of the Elgin Federation of Women Teachers’ Association of Ontario and Ontario Public School Teachers’ Federation. Her many committees attest to her desire to make a difference. She received the Cora Bailey Award in recognition of her service to the Retired Women Teachers of Ontario. She coordinated the selection and assembly of the contents for the St. Thomas Centennial Time Capsule in 1981. Retirement brought continued interests — travels to Miami to visit family, as well as international tours, singing in 3 choirs, aquatic aerobics, clogging, computer puzzles and games, the resident joke teller for meetings, teaching bible studies and the rosary. Terry was predeceased by her parents, her darling husband Joe, her son Kevin, and her siblings Bernice, Thomas, and Eugene Hagen. She is survived by her sister, the Rev. Sr. Loretta Hagen, her children Ann MacDonald (Kevin), Loreen VanOort (Van MacDougall), Catherine Gutierrez (Armando), Mark Sherratt (Deborah), Pam Sherratt, her son Kevin’s wife. “Big Momma” will be greatly missed by her grandchildren Katie, Alysia, Jenna, Richard, Katrina, Nici, Cassie, Bailey, Leandro, Michael, and her great grandchildren Harley, Nikita, Artie, Jewel, Eli, Zander, Brianna, Jayden, Lucy, Kaylee, Leanna, and Marcela. Terry’s love of children extended beyond her own family and students. She supported many children’s charities throughout her lifetime. She requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to Cystic Fibrosis. Resting at Williams Funeral, 45 Elgin St., St. Thomas where visitation will be held on Sunday, August 21st, 2022 from 2:00pm-5:00pm. Mass of the Christian Burial will be celebrated at St. Anne’s Church on Monday, August 22nd, 2022 at 10:00am. Interment to follow in Holy Angels’ Cemetery.

To see the full obituary for Theresa “Terry” Loreen Sherratt, click here

Marr, Marion Martha

Marr, Marion Martha passed away peacefully at Terrace Lodge, Aylmer. Wednesday, March 16, 2022 in her 95th year. Beloved wife of the late Willis Marr(1991). Dear mother of David Marr of Lyons and the late Robert Marr(2005). Loving mother-in-law of Mary Lou Marr of Aylmer. Much loved grandmother of Jeffery, Justin, Tory(Brittany), Tyler(Holly), Trevor(Karli). Proud great-grandmother of Nolan, Luke, Parker and Miles. Born in Bayham Township on August 17, 1927, daughter of the late Horace and Jessie (Dawson) Hague. Marion taught primary elementary school for 32 years, with 23 years at Eden Public School. She was a faithful member of the Richmond United Church and the UCW. She enjoyed volunteering as a member of the Terrace Lodge Auxiliary. Visitation at the H. A. Kebbel Funeral Home, Aylmer on Friday 6-9 p.m. The funeral service will be held in the funeral home chapel on Saturday, March 19, 2022 at 11:00 am. Interment, Straffordville Cemetery.Donations to the Richmond United Church or Terrace Lodge Aux. would be appreciated. Share memories or condolences at

Carole Watson

8/24/1942 – 1/10/2022

Watson, Carole of St. Thomas, passed away on Monday, January 10th, 2022, at her residence, at the age of 79. Dearly loved mother of Lorrie Por (Greg Thompson) and Tom Por (Karen O’Connell) and their father Tom Por. Cherished grandmother of John, Jamie, Scott, Brynne, Charlie and Nicky. Dear sister of Dorothy Staddon. and Marion Brown. Predeceased by 3 brothers Jim, Robert and Norman Watson. Sadly missed by a number of nieces and nephews. Carole was born in West Lorne on August 24th, 1942, the daughter of the late Louis and Ruby (Price) Watson. Carole was a retired elementary school principal with the Thames Valley Board of Education. Following her retirement Carole continued her involvement in community activities. She was on the founding executive of Violence Against Women Services, Elgin County and a past Chair, she continued her support by acting as Community Chair of the Building Hope Saving Lives campaign to replace the hundred year old shelter and continued to be a strong supporter. Carole had been a volunteer with the Canadian Cancer Society for over 40 years and served as a member of the Provincial Advocacy Committee. She was also a former chair of the Pink Ribbon Campaign and worked on the Daffodil Campaign. She was past Chair and proud member of the Police Services Board from 1988-1992 and again from 2004-2010. Carole was an active volunteer at the Elgin Heritage Centre and a supporter of the Rotary Club, Public Library, Elgin Historical Society, Elevated Park, the St. Thomas Art Gallery, Food Bank, Grace Cafe, First United Church and many other causes. Carole enjoyed gardening, Tai Chi, reading and Classical Music.

A celebration of Carole’s life will be announced at a later date. Cremation has taken place. Remembrances may be made to the Elgin-St. Thomas Community Foundation (Carol Watson Fund) or Violence Against Women Services. Williams Funeral Home, 45 Elgin St., St. Thomas in charge of arrangements.


Nancy Elaine Little

December 9, 1926 ~ August 8, 2021 (age 94)

Nancy Elaine Little passed away peacefully in Ft. Myers, Florida on August 8, 2021 at age 94.  Nancy was born December 9, 1926 to Margaret (McCallum) and Gordon Little. Like her two younger sisters, Margaret and Mona, she was born in the family home on their farm in Cowal, Ontario. Growing up, she helped on the farm, but teaching, not farming, was her calling.  She often told the story of being responsible for watching over the turkey chicks to keep them from suffocating, a task she failed at because she was always reading.  She liked to play school, with her sisters as pupils, and helped her mother to raise the girls, dispensing advice that they mostly followed. She retained a lifelong appreciation for the outdoors however, always noticing flowers, song birds, and crops in the fields. Her parents wanted Nancy to pursue a degree, and she did her teacher training at London Normal School, going on to teach at one-room schoolhouses in rural Kent and Elgin Counties. She also taught 4th grade in Toronto for 30 years, at both Park Street and Alexander Muir Schools. Students adored Miss Little, and some of them kept in touch and visited her decades later. She had fond memories of the year she taught in England on an exchange program.

In addition to teaching, Nancy loved her family and they loved her. She had the ability to make each of us feel special, uniquely loved, and talented. It was not surprising that when her mother needed her help, she took early retirement in 1981 and returned to Cowal to live with her. She was deeply involved with her community. She was an active member of the Cowal Church and the Women’s Institute, and for years drove to St. Thomas to pick up copies of the Globe and Mail and the London Free Press to bring to her neighbours. Nancy enjoyed telling and hearing stories about her family and her community–often they were the same thing. Eating supper outdoors with Mona and cousins Neil and Muriel McCallum was a favorite activity.  Nancy had an excellent memory and was extremely knowledgeable about history, both local and international. Her American family sometimes joked that she knew more about American history than they did, and there was no question who knew more about British history, and the British Royal Family. She traveled to Europe with her sister Margaret and went often to the States to attend weddings, graduations, and other family occasions.  No family gathering felt complete without Nancy. Nancy looked forward to visits from her sisters and their families during the summers and Thanksgivings spent with her sister Mona’s family in South Carolina and Florida.  Mona moved in with Nancy ten years ago, and the two of them were very socially active in the community of Cowal. More recently, they moved to Fort Myers to live with Mona’s eldest daughter Maggie.  Mona’s youngest Laura Jane and family lived nearby, and all of her nephews and nieces continued to visit Nancy while she lived in Florida. Nancy is predeceased by her parents, her sister Margaret, and her niece Catherine. Nancy’s positive approach to life–“superdeluxe” is a descriptive term she used often–influenced so many of us.  She will be missed by many, including her sister Mona Ives, nephews and nieces Frank Charles Ives (Maria), Maggie Ives, Laura Jane McGee (Matt), Alexandra Regan (Andrew Plantinga), Nancy Schroeder (Dave),  and Philip Regan (Heather Long).  And by her grandnieces and grandnephews Charlie and Annie Ives, Case and Greta Plantinga Regan, Oliver and Sadie McGee, Benjamin Regan, and Cooper and Lila Schroeder.

A graveside service will be held at Cowal -McBride Cemetery on September 10, 2021 at 1:30 pm.

Hoshal, Grace Irene

Hoshal, Grace Irene of Chartwell Home, Aylmer passed away peacefully at her residence on Saturday, August 7, 2021 in her 102nd year.  Beloved wife of the late Walter Clayton Hoshal(1978). Step-mother to Helen Corrigan (Terry). Grandma to Christine and Lisa.  Great-grandma to Satya and Tenzen. Predeceased by her brother Alfred Woolley.  Also survived by a niece Diana Brethour (Jim) and a nephew Alan Woolley (Collette).  Born in St. Thomas, Ontario on December 11, 1919, daughter of the late Harvey and Carrie (Huson) Woolley. After graduating from the University of Western Ontario in 1952, Grace enjoyed 36 years as a teacher and will be remembered by her students at Summers Corners Public School. In 1965 she received a service medal from the Red Cross Society for having a Junior Red Cross Unit in the Classroom for 25 years. In 1977 she was made an honorary member of the Elgin Women Teachers’ Association for excellence of participation in, and contribution to, the progress of the Elgin Association. She received a Volunteer Service Award from the Province of Ontario and was named Aylmer’s Outstanding Senior Citizen. Grace was a member of St. Paul’s United Church, the Terrace Lodge Auxiliary, the Retired Women Teachers of Ontario and the Aylmer-Malahide Museum. Friends may call at the H.A. Kebbel Funeral Home, Aylmer on Tuesday from 2:00-3:00pm, followed by the funeral service at 3:00pm. Donations to St. Paul’s United Church or Terrace Lodge Auxiliary would be appreciated.  Shared memories or condolences at

“Heather Johnson (cousin) wishes to thank the staff of Aylmer Retirement Home and Chartwell Aylmer for their loving care and support they gave to Grace.”


Lorna M. Lozon

09/01/1926 – 07/02/2021

Lorna Marjorie (Booker) Lozon entered into eternal rest July 2, 2021, two months shy of her 95th birthday. Born to Russell and Mary (Whaley) Booker on September 1, 1926, Lorna lived most of her life in the Union-Port Stanley area, blessed with life-long friendships and rewarding work. Older sister Mary (Burke) Fishleigh and younger brother Joe were much-loved and respected companions on her journey. Lorna attended St. Thomas Collegiate Institute, and set her sights on her mother’s profession, teaching, completing studies at the London Normal School. She began her career in Becher, Ontario, outside of Wallaceburg, teaching in a one-room schoolhouse. While there, she met the love of her life, William A. Lozon. She taught in Yarmouth Township including Seminary School on the Sparta Line, and Littlewood (in north Yarmouth), and completed her career at Port Stanley Public School, first in the original schoolhouse at the bottom of the hill, and then in the new facility by the arena. She loved her students and continually sought ways to serve and support them. She retired in 1985. Lorna and Bill married in 1950 and settled in Union, soon welcoming son Jeff and daughter Mary Joan. They welcomed daughter-in-law Donna Doherty in 1976 and son-in-law Roger Hahn in 1978 to the family, and were delighted with grandchildren who followed – Alicia and Nadine Lozon, and Ian and Lauren (her namesake) Hahn. Lorna was the proud grandmother-in-law of Vincent de Lapeyre and Kelvin Journal, and the loving great-grandmother of Victoria, Mateo, Thomas, Lucas, and Rosie. She was a beloved aunt to numerous nieces and nephews, and friends and neighbors also will mourn her passing. Throughout her life Lorna enjoyed many hobbies. She was accomplished at needlework and loved to knit, crochet, embroider, smock and tat. She was an avid reader. Lorna was also a talented cook, particularly renowned for her chicken and dumplings, and peach custard pie. Lorna and Bill enjoyed several extended car trips and excursions around Canada and the U.S. Gatherings with family and friends were the center of their lives. Following Bill’s death in 1988 Lorna continued travels with friends and family – visiting Spain/Morocco, Arizona, Hawaii, Edmonton and Spokane, Washington. She enjoyed the fellowship of service as a member of the Oddfellows and Rebekah’s Lodge in Port Stanley. She co-founded The Lakeshore Ripples chapter of the Red Hat Society after moving to the Kettle Creek Villa in 2004. She became a prolific poet, composing odes and verses regularly. She was a lifelong member of Union United Church. Following a 90th birthday celebration, Lorna moved to Oakville to be closer to family, first residing at the Chartwell Retirement Center, then to Northridge Long-Term Care Center, where skilled nursing care supported her final years. Lorna will be interred in the Union Cemetery next to her husband, with funeral service at Williams Funeral Home, 45 Elgin St., St. Thomas on Wednesday, July 21st at 1:00pm. In lieu of flowers, donations of remembrance may be made to Union United Church.

To see the full obituary for Lorna M. Lozon, click here

Cheryl Hill

1951 – 2021

With heavy hearts, we announce the passing of Cheryl Lynne Hill after a short and courageous battle with cancer. Born in St. Thomas on May 4, 1951, she passed away on May 22, 2021 with her family by her side.Predeceased by her parents Norman W. C. Hall and Dorothy Hall (Byer), and sisters Lynne and Lori Campos (Tony). Dearly loved wife of Thomas G. Hill and beloved mother of Jeffrey (Camille), Julie (Derek), Ryan(Lauren), and Adam. Cheryl spent many years as a kindergarten and third grade teacher at Summers Corners Public School. She was a compassionate and dedicated teacher who loved working with young children. She enjoyed spending time in her garden and looking after her rescue cats. Most of all, she loved being a Granny to Celia, Marcus, Ellory, Jack, and Gavin. Cremation has taken place and a private family service will be held at a later date. Donations may be made to the Aylmer Area Community Foundation. Share memories and condolences at

Elsie Harriet Parish

PARISH – Elsie Harriet (née Pollard) of Valleyview Home, St. Thomas, passed away peacefully at her late residence on Sunday, March 7th, 2021 at the age of 88. Beloved wife of the late Milton Parish (2020). Dearly loved mother of Dianne Jewitt (Charles), Roger Parish (Patty), Brian Parish, Cynthia Parish (Steve), Kevin Parish, the late Barb Donaldson (Paul) and the late Gerald Parish. Cherished grandmother of Bonnie, Chad, Natasha, Scott and Katie. Dear sister of Isabel Reid (Geordie) and Lawrence Pollard. Lovingly remembered by several great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. Elsie was born in Iona Station on April 30th, 1932, daughter of the late Ezra and Katie (née McLaughlin) Pollard. Elsie was a retired school teacher and she was a member of Retired Teachers of Ontario and Retired Women Teachers of Ontario.

Due to COVID-19, a private family service will be held on Thursday at Williams Funeral Home, 45 Elgin St., St. Thomas. A public visitation will be held at the funeral home prior to the service from 12:00pm-1:00pm. Please pre-register your attendance on the website or call the funeral home at 519-631-0850. Interment of ashes in Elmdale Memorial Park Cemetery. Memorial donations may be made to Alzheimer Society of Elgin- St. Thomas, Canadian Cancer Society, or the St. Thomas Public Library.

Laurel “Sue” Parkinson-Herniman (Tilden)

January 28, 1946 – January 23, 2021

Passed away peacefully at home a er a short, courageous battle with cancer on 23 January 2021. Sue was born in St. Thomas, ON on 28 January 1946 to the late Charles and Gertrude (Kelly) Tilden. Predeceased by her sisters Lois Lambe and Betty Ferguson. Survived by her husband Ken Herniman, brother-in-law Chuck Herniman (Diane) and sadly missed by nieces and nephews Steve (Tracey) Ferguson, Stewart (Aimee) Ferguson, Ann (Kevin) Montgomery, Jane (Pat) Elliott, Sarah (Craig) Robertson, Mart (Scott) Hannay, David (Krista) Ferguson, Ian (Kendra) Ferguson, Sean (Patruschka) McNabb, and Chris (Rochelle) McNabb.

Sue was an avid reader, and loved to sing and attend live theatre. She was a member of various choral groups in the London – St.Thomas area, spending many enjoyable years as a member of the London Fanshawe Symphonic Chorus. Retiring after over 30 years as an elementary school learning resource teacher, Sue volunteered as an adjudicator of amateur live theatre productions.

For over 10 years she also volunteered at the Regional HIV/AIDS Connection. A er meeting Ken she became an avid Toronto Blue Jays fan and discovered another fun family in the players and wives of the Dorchester Men’s Slow Pitch League.

Sue had many relatives and longtime friends who she dearly cherished. A heart-felt thank you goes to Sue’s special angel Dawn Herniman (Ken’s niece), who moved in and helped care for Ken and Sue. The family would also like to express our sincere appreciation for the care provided by the doctors and nurses at the London Regional Cancer Centre. A very special thank you goes to Phil, Candace, and Jared of the VON palliative care program for their excellent care of Sue which allowed her to remain at home.

Sue will be cremated and a celebration of life will be held at a later date when COVID restrictions allow. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the charity of your choice in memory of Sue.

McCALLUM, Frances Marion

Peacefully, on Wednesday, May 6, 2020, at Bobier Villa, Frances Marion McCallum (née Simpson) passed away at the age of 105. Born in Mosa Township on February 18, 1915 to the late Charles F.Simpson and Jemina (née McEachran). Predeceased by her beloved husband Duncan A. McCallum (1984). Loving mother of Dorothy Gillies (late Duncan) of London, Cathy (Arnold) Clarke of Dutton, Mary Howard (late Ken) of West Lorne and Helen McCallum (Jerry Cherwonick) of Delta, British Columbia. Cherished grandmother of Carrie Howard (Bill Lang) and Mike Howard (Teresa). Fondly remembered by her great-grandchildren; Connor and Katie Howard and Hannah and Emery. Survived by her sister, Ina Nelms (late Vern) and brother-in-law, Harvey Parker. Also survived by many nieces, nephews and cousins. Frances is predeceased by her siblings; Douglas (Edna) Simpson, Stewart (Betty) Simpson and Dorothy Parker.

Frances lived a full life, guided by determination, love and faith. In her early years, she taught grades one to eight in various one-room schools in Mapleton, Campbellton, Willies as well as S.S.#3, and later, schools in West Lorne and Dutton. Frances was always able to clearly recall stories from her early teaching years to share with family and friends. Even after retirement, Frances returned to school, this time as a student, to obtain her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Western Ontario in 1993. While living in West Elgin, Frances practiced her faith as a member of the Argyle Presbyterian Church, Crinan.

Due to gathering restrictions as a result of COVID-19, a Celebration of Life with interment of ashes in Oakland Cemetery, Glencoe, will be held at a later date. If desired, memorial donations to Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario, Argyle Presbyterian Church, Crinan or a charity of choice would be appreciated by the family. DENNING’S OF WEST LORNE (519-785-0810) entrusted with arrangements. Condolences online at

Published on May 9, 2020

Shirley Ann Millington

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Shirley Ann Millington of St. Thomas, passed away at the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital on Tuesday, February 18, 2020. Dearly loved sister of Norma Jean and Beverley Millington. Born in Blenheim, ON, she was the daughter of the late Harold and Madeline (née Willcox) Millington. Shirley was an elementary school teacher in Sarnia for many years, having been a graduate of London Teachers College and the University of Western Ontario. She was a member of the Retired Women Teachers of Ontario, St. Thomas Anglican Church and the former Trinity Anglican Church, St. Thomas. Honouring Shirley’s wishes, a private funeral service was held on Thursday, February 20th at the SIFTON FUNERAL HOME, 118 Wellington St., St. Thomas (519-631-1160), followed by interment in Elmdale Memorial Park. Memorial donations to the STEGH Foundation, St. Thomas Anglican Church or the charity of one’s choice will be gratefully acknowledged.

Jessie Elizabeth Turner

02/04/1930 – 01/08/2020

TURNERJessie Elizabeth (Whitelock) of Maple Manor, Tillsonburg and formerly of Sparta, passed away peacefully on Wednesday, January 8th , 2020, in her 90th year. Beloved wife of the late Basil Myrvn Cadell Turner (2011). Step-mother of Vanessa Turner, Carole Turner (Farooq Fatah) and the late Bill Turner (late Lila). Cherished grandmother of Kira, Kyle, Kathy, Kevin, Malcolm and Zoe and great-grandmother of Jillian, Madyson, Isaac, Ryan and Tyler. Dear sister-in-law of Nina Riches (Stan) and Gaynor Norman (Edward). Predeceased by her two sisters. Remembered by several nieces and nephews. Jessie was born in Dunwich Township on April 2nd, 1930, daughter of the late Archibald and Edrie (Nott) Whitelock. She had a successful teaching career, working in Chatham, Mississauga (South Peel), Sandy Mount and Elgin County. She was a member of the Retired Women Teachers of Ontario. A Memorial Service to celebrate Jessie’s life will be held at Williams Funeral Home, 45 Elgin Street, St. Thomas on Wednesday, January 15th, 2020 at 11:00am. Visitation will be held prior to the service from 10:00-11:00am. Cremation has taken place with private interment of ashes in St. Stephen’s Cemetery. Memorial donations may be made to C.N.I.B. or charity of one’s choice.

To see the full obituary for Jessie Elizabeth Turner, click here