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We believe that RWTO/OERO Is an organization which meets the needs of retired women teachers. We welcome you to join us at our events.

For more information, contact President for the year 2018-2019:

Hénédine Weiman:


Nous croyons que RWTO/OERO est une organisation qui répond aux besoins des enseignantes retraitées Nous vous invitons à nous rejoindre lors de nos événements.
Pour plus d’informations, contactez Présidente:
Hénédine Weiman 2018-2019:




Meet Our New RWTO-OERO Executive

For The Year 2017-2018

( back row) Lorraine, Goodwill Committee; Jeannine, Treasurer; Erna, President;
Hénédine, Area Director;

( middle row) Louise,Goodwill/ Contact; Jocelyn, Insurance
Laurianne,2nd Vice-President / Newsletter; Suzanne, Past President, absent, Jeannine, Lifetime member


If you are interested in joining our local group in Sudbury, please contact:

Christmas Luncheon-Meeting November 29, 2018

On November 29, 2018, 42 members and guests of the RWTO-OERO Sudbury Branch, Area 10, gathered for the annual FUN and FARE CHRISTMAS LUNCHEON .Seven tables at the Lexington Hotel, Brady Street, were elegantly decorated with various Christmas ornaments . We appreciated the talent and effort shown by Lorraine Blais.

The ladies enjoyed the three games organized before the luncheon. As a bonus, prizes were awarded. Fun Bingo. It’s mine, no, it’s mine. A very colourful crossword puzzle.

Door prizes were awarded. Laurianne loves her chocolates. Nancy is happy with her box of chocolates.

Matthew Kallio is thanked by Rosemarie. He provided a gentle medley of Christmas songs during our luncheon. Friends and members sporting RED for the occasion.Gorgeous ! The local association of RWTO-OERO was very generous this year by supporting one of many non-profit charities in Sudbury. A cheque of $550.00 was presented to ” Enfants NEO Kids’ , thanks to the largesse of our members and friends .
A good time was had by all.

First Luncheon of the Year

On Tuesday October 16, 2018, the Sudbury Branch, Area 10, hosted their first luncheon meeting of the new year, 2018-2019 at the Lexington Hotel, Brady Street, Sudbury.
Forty-two (42 )members and guests enjoyed the social interaction, the stimulating guest speaker , the friendship and the delicious  buffet lunch.

We were honoured by the presence of Sharron Colter, our Provincial president of RWTO-OERO. She is seen here with our Sudbury District  local President, Hénédine Weiman .
Sharron Colter presided over the installation of the newly elected Executive for the year 2018-2019.  Sharron presented RWTO-OERO  affiliation pins to two new members: Jeannine Longe and Anne Robert.Our guest speaker Josée Miljours is thrilled to be reconnected with two of her former teachers Georgette and Louise.Our guest speaker, Josée Miljours, Sudbury Regional Elder Abuse Consultant, was an excellent spokesperson for the topic of Elder Abuse.  She made us aware of the seriousness of this problem and suggested ways to restore respect and love for our Seniors.

Seen here from left to right : Suzanne,Lorraine, Louise, Erna, Hénédine,
Laurianne, Sharron. Jeannine is missing from the photo.


Celebrating The First Day Back At School

We, in Sudbury, celebrated the first day back at school, September 4th, with a lunch with members and friends at the Caruso Club’s Enrico Restaurant. It was DELICIOUS!

Happy faces from Everyone. Such freedom and JOIE de VIVRE on such a day.

Presentation of the Gavel and the Past President Pin

On the Left:

Erna Fex , the Past President of RWTO-OERO, Area 10, District of Sudbury, is passing the Presidential gavel to Hénédine Weiman, the new President for the year 2018-2019.

On the Right:

Suzanne Rondeau,is presenting a Past-President pin to Erna Fex for the year 2017-2018.

Golf Tournament June 2018

We celebrated    The 11 th RWTO-OERO Golf Tournament at Twin Stacks Golf Club in Coniston ON on Tuesday, June 19′ 2018. Wonderful day full of sunshine and camaraderie. Good turn out for the 11th RWTO-OERO Golf Tournament at Twin Stacks Golf Club .A delicious buffet lunch and refreshments awaited the participants.

May Luncheon 2018

Jeannine Renaud welcomes guests and members as they arrive for the last luncheon meeting on Tuesday, May, 29, 2018 at the Lexington Hotel, Sudbury, Ontario.

Members and friends are enjoying a delicious buffet served by the famous cooks and chef of The Lexington .

Guests At The Luncheon

On the left: Hemeon , the Provincial Insurance Convenor, was a fountain of wisdom concerning the RWTO-OERO Manulife Insurance . The Q&A at the end of the presentation proved to be quite enlightening.

On the right: We were happy to welcome Lois Lockart, the Provicial President of RWTO-OERO .
Her message of hope and togetherness was inspiring and motivational.

In Memoriam

We had a short Memorial Service during the meeting for Katie Christakos who passed away on April 19, 2018 and for Isabel Grant who deceased in 2017, at the age of 102.

Donna and Suzanne were reminded of the following saying : ” A teacher is like a candle that burns to light the world of others. ”

90’s Club

Collection of wisdom, experience, maturity, energy, astuteness, intelligent ,knowledge and love
We recognize, Lila, Dorothy and Lillian, our 90’s Club.


On the left: Erna Fex becomes Past President  and Archivist

On the right: Suzanne is President of the Elections for the coming year of 2018-2019
We do not have full roster yet, unfortunately, but we’re very hopeful .

Valentine’s Day Luncheon 2018

At the RWTO-OERO Valentine Day luncheon meeting on February 13, 2018, three worthy members of our local Sudbury Branch, were presented with their bilingual Past President PIn .
What a proud moment for this coveted recognition.
The honoured  ladies are Valma and Suzanne and Jeannine . They served their Organization  for many years with pride and competency.


Nancy (on the left) was the lucky winner of a bouquet of flowers given as a door prize at the Valentine’s Day Luncheon meeting.Congratulations .Suzanne (on the right)won the second door prize given at the Luncheon Meeting .Chocolates. Remember our motto : Sharing and Caring ?

We are adding one more member to our 90’s Club this year.Our very dear Lila Stokes has joined the 90 ‘s Club this year by celebrating her recent birthday in 2017.The Goodwill Committee, Louise and Lorraine, offer her a bouquet of flowers for the occasion.

Heather Green-Oliver, seen here in the middle between Suzanne and Hénédine, was our guest speaker  at our Valentine Day Luncheon . Heather is a New Media Reporter for Northern Life , our community newspaper. She spearheads a movement called  ” Acts of Kindness “, in Sudbury.
She screens submissions and finds sponsors to reward kind acts or help generously their fellow Sudburians in need. She has found that kindness  is contagious. It’s one of the first rule you learn in Kindergarten.

Suzanne,on the left and Laurianne on the right congratulate Heather Green-Oliver for her great endeavour that is creating awareness  of Acts of Kindness in the community.

Heather Green-Oliver was a guest speaker at the Valentine Day RWTO-OERO luncheon on February 13, 2018, at the Lexington Hotel in Sudbury.

Rosemarie Hall, a member of our local RWTO-OERO , was inspired by our guest speaker Heather Green-Oliver on the topic of Acts of Kindness .Enjoy the following poem that she wrote.

 An Act of Kindness

An Act of Kindness would go a long way,
Not only done on special occasions
Such as Valentine’s Day.
Saying a kind word or doing a kind deed,
Is always something that’s in need !
So go ahead and give a smile,
I say it’s always worthwhile.
Rosemarie Hall



Christmas Luncheon 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year 🎶🎶
On Thursday, November 30, 2017, RWTO-OERO , the Subury Branch , Area 10, hosted a Christmas luncheon . It was great success. Fifty six members and guests attended the annual festive season event. We enjoyed:

1-a coffee clatch with friends

2- had a chance to buy baked good to profit a local organization

3- were treated to a gourmet buffet

4- were entertained by two exceptional and accomplished musicians from our very own Sudbury Symphony Orchestra

5- played a fun bingo game 6- had a chance to win a fantastic door prize.

Enjoy the following photos. They  will recall the happy mood of the event.

A variety of baked good were on sale to profit the Parkinson’s Society in Sudbury.
Claire and husband Chris are manning the table as Laurianne is ready to buy.

Coffee Clatch with Denise, Ellenor, Dolores and Erna.

A table of happy ladies enjoying the Christmas luncheon on Nov, 30, 2017.

We have a happy winner at the Bingo Game . Hénédine and Marie-Paule  congratulate Ellenor.


Pauline and Louise are enjoying a fun festive bingo game.

Erna presents the fantastic door prize to Jeannine Michel.

We were entertained by two members of the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra.
Thank you Peter and Yu Young . Congratulating the duet are Laurianne and Valma.( middle)

Peter McGillivray is a Professional Award-Winning operatic Baritone, operating a Voice Studio in the Greater Sudbury Region. Yu Young Park is a professional pianist with the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra . We were truly awed by their performance of seasonal Christmas music.

90th Birthday Celebration

On the day of her 90th birthday in October, Jeannine Maurice, (in pink)  celebrated with friends and members of her RWTO-OERO organization, in Sudbury.

 Fall Luncheon 2017

Sudbury Branch, Area 10 RWTO-OERO members had their Fall luncheon meeting at the Lexington Hotel on Brady Street, on September 28, 2017. Our guest speaker, Jessica Bertuzzi-Gallo , representing our local Alzheimer’s Society, spoke eloquently about the signs and onset of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Our president, Erna Fex , and Laurianne Valiquette, are presenting her an honorarium.


Convention 2017

Célébrating Canada’s 150th Birthday

Last year, at the May luncheon meeting ,2016, all members received three Canada150 Tulips. Their mission was to bring one each at the May 18,  luncheon meeting in 2017 . The result was disappointing because of the cold and wet  spring . Fortunately, the tulips grew and grew and became magnificent later on in the month.

Cora Bailey Awards 2017


June 2017

Our 10th annual RWTO-OERO GOLF TOURNAMENT was a happy and successful event. Twenty-six (26 )members and friends attended the ” golf and lunch” at the Twin Stacks Golf Course and the Colonial Inn .

  Celebrating 150 Years


January 2017

Forty ladies, members and friends, from our local RWTO-OERO braved the cold weather to come and celebrate our Holiday Festivities on Dec. 8, 2016, at the Lexington Hotel, Sudbury.

We are pleased to introduce Denise, our guest at the luncheon, with Louise and Laurianne.

Always a thrill to welcome a mother-daughter, members of RWTO-OERO team.

Dolores is presenting a poinsettia plant to Dorothy, who is in our 90’s club. Bravo!!

The musical group “Northern Echos” lead by Jocelyn McInnes, harmoniously sang seasonal songs to entertain us in the afternoon.

Members are seen at this table enjoying a “musical gift” game.

Complementary Christmas fruit cake and cookies were available at the coffee-tea table.

Hénédine Weiman and Dolores Doucet are enjoying a tasty treat before the luncheon.

Our new member Rosemarie is explaining the rules of our “gift game”. It was fun.

A “Guess the Christmas Carol” game during the celebration, on Dec. 8th, 2016.

“Guess the Christmas Carol” game before lunch.

October 2016

You have contributed greatly in making our October 4th RWTO-OERO luncheon-meeting a success. Your presentation dealing with Parkinson’s Disease was very enlightening. Thanks to you. The Parkinson’s Support Group Centre in Sudbury is such a valuable, welcoming and healing place to visit.

Laurianne Valiquette Communications Convenor, RWTO-OERO

September 2016

Jeannine Maurice, a member of RWTO-OERO since 1984, is enjoying her new room at Pioneer Manor. The bouquet was graciously giving to her by Louise Sutcliffe, Goodwill Committee.

Celebrating the RWTO/OERO 60th Anniversary

Gloria Packard, seen here with the bouquet of flowers, graciously donated to our organization a photo album of treasured pictures that she photographed at the celebration of RWTO-OERO’s 60th Anniversary, on May 17, 2016.

Two members, Laurianne Valiquette and Louise Sutcliffe, gratefully accepted the archival book.

The members enjoyed singing this oldie melody to new appropriate lyrics, adapted by Louise Sutcliffe. It added a wonderful musical note to our 60th RWTO-OERO Celebration.

Try it, you’ll like it.

Lillian Wahamaa is our latest inductee in our RWTO-OERO 90’s Club in Sudbury ON. Congratulations and many good years to come.

Dorothy Lawrence,(seated) Jeannine Renaud and Louise Sutcliffe, enjoying the 60th RWTO/OERO Celebrations.

Mother’s and Daughters

Our branch, Sudbury, Area 10, is blessed that we have two Mother/daughter members.
Pictured above is Dorothy Lawrence and her daughter Sharon Urquhart.

May I present mother Rita Zubac and her daughter Zandra Zubac.

1954 Boarding at The Colonial Inn, Coniston, ON

When Laurianne asked me to present some information on the Colonial Inn in Coniston I really wondered what I could remember. That is 62 years ago since I stayed there when I was teaching in Coniston at the Public School. I lived there for two years. There were a number of teachers living there at the time. There were two of us from the Public Board and six or seven from the Separate Board. We all had a fairly big room with large closets – almost walk in.

There were High School teachers there also. Other Inco people and retired people also lived there.there were hardwood floors throughout the building. Mr. And Mrs. Caverson were the caretakers cooks and general caretakers of the building. Mrs. Caver son was a great cook and provided the meals for the day which were varied and excellent.

We had an appointed table and chair where we were to sit. We ladies shared a bathroom which consisted of two toilets, three sinks and two tubs , no showers – they were downstairs someplace. There was a Separate classroom in the building – I believe it was a grade one class.

My room was quite comfortable, however, sometimes in the winter it would be rather chilly and being at the end of the hall I guess the heat ran out before it got to me especially when it was windy. I did have a small heater which I could use.

We had Christmas get togethers – not parties in some of our rooms where we shared Christmases past and other topics and maybe what we were doing f or our Christmas Concerts. That was always exciting. Our children sure miss out on that nowadays.

The building was built in 1918 by Inco and used as a boarding house. Many town offices were also housed there It was converted to Colonial Inn in 1976. Ron and Stella Legault purchased the landmark building and business in 1979. Today it operates as an apartment building, busy restaurant and bar and catering service. Many public and private celebrations are held there in the spacious Banquet Room. You can go on line and see some pictures of the building and the Banquet Rooms.


 9th Annual Golf Tournament

Meet the Happy Gang.

The members and guests at our 9th annual Golf Tournament had. Great time on the golf course and at the luncheon afterwards.

June Golf Tournament

RWTO-OERO 9 th Annual Golf Tournament
Tuesday,June 14, 2016
Twin Stacks Golf Course, Sudbury,  ON
Golf walk, $16.00-Golf carts, $16.00- Best Ball Contest
Lunch at 12:30 p.m. at Colonial Inn, Coniston
Not a golfer? Then please join us for lunch only.
Please contact Laurianne at 705-566-1443 for further information

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Program Brochure 2018-2019


A Teacher Remembers

by Erna da Burger Fex

So many people express the opinion that teaching is an easy job with all the holidays etc. Sharing some memories of my teaching career may give you different perspectives.

I well remember my first day of teaching at Creighton Mine Public School in 1962. I was excited and also somewhat apprehensive. I had also purchased a new dress to add to my confidence level. The 34 kids were great! Discipline problems were minimal. Special days like Hallowe’en, Remembrance Day, Christmas of course, lent themselves to planning enjoyable activities! It was wonderful to see the pupils having fun and learning at the same time. One of my pupils became very ill so I went to her home several times a week to help her keep up with the class. She did very well and passed with 80+%. I was very proud of her!

I got married December 28, 1963, and returning to school in January 1964, I wondered if the children would remember my new name. I had a jar on my desk for pennies for the Red Cross. Every Friday afternoon we had a relaxing hour of learning about the Red Cross and the wonderful work this organization did. That’s why we were collecting these pennies. It was also a fun time with skits, stories, show-and-tell, the opportunity for my pupils to explain, learn to speak in front of their classmates, a skill they were developing without realising it. In order for the children to become accustomed to my new name, if they said “Miss de Burger”, they had to put a penny in that jar. Decades later I often met some of my former pupils and they would remind me of that penny jar. We never know what children will remember in later years. Fascinating!

Sometimes my young pupils confided something that had happened at home. I had to impress upon them that this was private and should not be talked about to their classmates.

When I became pregnant in 1964 my resignation letter was requested by the school board. That’s how it was then. I had no choice.

In 1967, I was teaching grade 3 at Naughton Public School where I had just 21 pupils. This small class made it possible to do many interesting activities teaching the pupils about Canada, our phenomenal, diverse country. It was Centennial Year, the song, “Ca-na-da, We Love You”, reverberated throughout the school.

Near the end of June, while we were playing outside, a nine-year-old girl collapsed. I noticed immediately that her lips were blue and her skin was almost translucent. One of the children ran to get the principal who carried her inside and called her mother. At Memorial Hospital in Sudbury, surgery was performed, unsuccessfully. The child died. What an unbelievable shock! Her mother told us that she had a congenital heart defect unknown to the family. (911 did not exist, neither did CPR nor ultrasounds).

I really enjoyed teaching in the Primary level. Children are unpredictable and unexpected things happen. One day, a little girl said, “Mrs. Fex, Mrs. Fex , Ricky took his eye out.” I couldn’t imagine what she was talking about but Ricky had a glass eye, unknown to me – and he had indeed taken it out of its socket. I sent him to the principal and he returned with a large gauze pad over the socket and the eye in a small bag to take home. He began to do this more frequently, until the principal called his mother and it stopped! Another little boy liked the feel of my nylons and would run his hand up and down while we were in reading group. Cleaning up children’s vomit happened now and then. I couldn’t just leave it there! Nothing in my teacher’s training had prepared me for any of these events. One child, upset because his Dad had not come to see him that weekend, bit the supervising teacher on her arm at recess to get her attention. A very bright boy in Grade 2 needed me to continually develop projects to keep him interested in school. We discovered that he was already reading at Grade 7 level and he was just 7 years old. That was an exciting challenge for me. The diversity of the roles of being a teacher was that I seldom knew what to expect when I left for school every morning but that it would be interesting.

Toward the end of my teaching career, in a different school, the children were constantly challenging me. A girl in Grade 7 told me that she was going to stab me and, “Throw my organs all over the yard at my house.” Those were her exact words! In the office, shaking like a leaf, I told the principal. We called her mother who, to her credit, insisted that we call the police. The OPP officer arrived quickly. He spoke with me, the principal and the girl. He asked me if I wanted to lay charges against this 15 year old. Knowing this girl’s history, I said “NO”. Later I realised this was a big mistake on my part. She needed to understand that uttering a death threat was a serious crime.

I soon learned that many things happened with children which were totally unpredictable and I had to deal with them in the best way I knew how. It was never boring! This is what made teaching so stimulating to me.

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Archived Newsletters


Cora Bailey 2018

Congratulations to our two ” Cora Bailey Award” recipients for the year 2018 .
GloryAnn Dore and Henedine Weiman are proud to accept the ” Cora Bailey ” pin and a bouquets of flowers.

Cora Bailey Award 2017

  • Josie Girolametto
  • Laurianne Valiquette.





Cora Bailey Award 2016


Lillian Wahamaa

Louise Sutcliffe

Collecting Glasses

 We are collecting old  glasses, cases and stamps for charity.

Do bring them at every luncheon- meetings.

For Haiti

Laurianne Valiquette is showing the different steps in making the rugs out of plastic milk bags.

Two very hardworking volunteers are collecting the mats for shipping to Haiti.

The hardworking team of our RWTO-OERO members.

A photo of the variety of mats produced on a loom or with a crochet by our members.

Jeannine Renaud is showing an example of a cushion made with plastic milk bags.

MEILLEUR, Pauline (Robert) – (1933 – 2015) Heaven has gained a special Angel. Pauline received her wings on December 19th, 2015. Beloved wife and best friend to Ernie, predeceased 2009. Special mom to Lise predeceased in 2007 (JC Davis), Joanne and Marc Adam, Joscelyne and Jacques Séguin. Super grandmother of Chloé (Matt Dale), Sophie (Kevin Dallaire), Renée-Claude (Rémy Beauchamp), Manon (Tom Assinewe), Zakari and Anik (Mathieu Kilganon). Loving great-grandmother to John and Laura Dale. Sister to Rita Zettler (Ed predeceased), Sister Dolores, Armand (Jocelyne), Marcel (Phyllis), Sister Jocelyne and Conrad and Claudette Robert. Predeceased by Irène, Albert, Fleurette, Claudette and Robert. Pauline was an avid teacher who devoted herself to all her students at St-Conrad. Her love and dedication to these students have touched their lives forever. Mom was a special person and while retired loved to go out to restaurants every day for lunch and suppers and frequently we would see her with Stella Jenzen and Gisèle Legault. Summers were spent at Ernie’s Hideaway and she always looked forward to spending time with her camp friend Mary Melchior. We would like to thank the staff of Pioneer Manor, more specifically Jane, Bonnie, Tamsin, Sylvie, Ginette, Marcia, Evan, Diane and Matt. We did not worry when you were taking care of mom. A memorial mass to celebrate Pauline’s life will be held at St. Jean de Brébeuf Church, Notre-Dame Ave. in Sudbury, on Tuesday, December 29th, 2015 at 10 a.m. In lieu of flowers, donations to the St. Jean de Brébeuf Restoration Fund would be greatly appreciated. Arrangements in care of SIMPLE WISHES of the North. (705) 470-707013009854


Obituaries 2017

It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of our dear member Isabel Grant ,who passed away in Ottawa ON. at the age of 102, on May 22, 2017.

Her funeral will be held in Sudbury, on July 18, 2017, at Christ The King Church.