RWTO/OERO Awards Policies

It is the policy of RWTO/OERO that the following honours may be bestowed on members.

Barbara Bain Membership Awards

This provincial award was named in honour of our long-time member, Barbara Bain, who served on the Provincial Board of Directors for 11 years. Barbara served as an Area Director, Assistant Insurance Convenor, Insurance Convenor, 2nd and 1st Vice-President, President, Past President and Honorary President. Barbara was also the first Membership Convenor for RTWO/OERO. Barbara continues to be an active member in the London-Middlesex Branch.

Since its inception in 2006-2007, the provincial Barbara Bain Award has traditionally been given to the three branches, one in each tier, with the largest percentage increase in the number of regular paid-up members. In 2015, the formula was changed: the actual increase is now calculated on how many new members join, less the number of existing members who did not renew during the April 1 to March 31 period. Awards of $300, $200 and $100 will be given in each tier, based on actual increase in membership. So now instead of 3 awards of $200 being awarded, we have 9 provincial awards, 3 for each tier, totalling $1800.

Barbara Bain Awards 2019

Tier 1, Largest Branches
London-Middlesex – 1st place – Net increase 19 – $400
Peel North – 2nd place – Net increase 15 – $300
Stratford – 3rd place – Net increase 12 – $200

Tier 2, Middle-Sized Branches
Durham North – 1st place – Net increase 14 – $400
Lydia Snow North Halton – 2nd place – Net increase 7 – $300
Lanark – tie for 3rd – Net increase 4 – $200
Sudbury – tie for 3rd – Net increase 4 – $200
Central Algoma – tie for 3rd – Net increase 4 – $200
Niagara Falls – tie for 3rd – Net increase 4 – $200

Tier 3, the Smaller Branches
Orillia – 1st place – Net increase 15 – $400
Daisy Wilson Coldwater – 2nd place – Net increase 5 – $300
Gananoque – tie for 3rd – Net increase 2 – $200
Napanee – tie for 3rd – Net increase 2 – $200

Barbara Bain Award Recipients 2018

The membership increases are calculated by the Executive Secretary-Treasurer.

The Feather In Your Hat Award

The Feather in Your Hat was established by the Membership Committee.

Criteria for the Feather in Hat Award

  1. This award recognizes creative, innovative and successful activities carried out by a Branch that has clearly enriched the programs offered by RWTO/OERO.


  1. Area Directors can submit the names of deserving Branches.
  2. Branches can nominate themselves by writing a descriptive article and submitting it to the Chair of the Membership Committee for consideration.
  3. Chosen Branches have an article describing their activity or program published in the Provincial Newsletter and the “Hat” itself is presented at the Annual Meeting.
  4. Two or three Branches are honoured each year.


Submissions for Feather In Your Hat must be made to the Membership Convenor after January 1st and before March 1st. Mail a hard copy via Canada Post to:

Joyce Ratz
Box 487
Iron Bridge, ON P0R1H0

Notify her that it is in the mail and she will confirm receipt upon arrival.

Feather in Your Hat Award

The “Feather in Your Hat” Awards are presented each year at the AGM/June Convention. It is given in recognition to branches for their creative, innovative, and successful projects that have clearly enriched the programs offered by RWTO/OERO at the branch level. Thank you to all the branches that made submissions this year.

Award Winners 2019

St. Catharines Branch

This branch decided to help out less fortunate people in their own community through 2 of their community-based programs – “Community Care”, a local food bank and the “Out of the Cold” program!

They began a 2-part program. “Comfort Kits” containing hygiene products that would fit in a backpack (toothbrush and paste, deodorant and shampoo, etc.) were assembled from member donations at the September and October luncheons. 250 “Comfort Kits” went to the “Start Me Up Niagara” organization that oversees the “Out of the Cold” program.

Part 2 was to collect donations for the local “Community Care” food bank. A donation of $8,000.00 was announced at the Christmas Luncheon that brought thunderous applause…and tears to the “Community Care” representatives in attendance!

Congratulations to our St. Catherines Branch!

Upper Canada East Branch

This Branch decided to help out the less fortunate on an international scale in disaster-ridden countries of the world. The “Crisis Gown” initiative has sent 60 gowns to NAS (if you have Nothing, Anything is Something), a Florida-based organization that distributes the gowns where they are needed most. ‘Crisis Gowns” range in size from 5 months to adult and are sack-shaped with a drawstring neck and slits for the arms. In true teacher creativity, some added pockets or trim or shorts to the gowns! Over 20 members had social “gown bees” – with potluck luncheons and loads of camaraderie! Others members donated fabric and some worked on kits at home!

Congratulations to our Upper Canada East Branch!

Membership Committee – Marilyn Bancsi, Jennifer Davis, Joyce Ratz, and (Chair) Suzanne Lanouette-Carswell.

Feather in Your Hat Award Winners by Year, 2004-2019

Honorary Membership

A Provincial Honorary Membership in RWTO/OERO is the highest honour that can be bestowed on a member for outstanding service at the provincial level. This award is presented at the Annual Meeting. Nominations are sent to the Honorary Membership Committee Chair.

Criteria for Honorary Members:

  1. The most important consideration must be the member’s contribution to RWTO/OERO at the provincial level.
  2. The contribution may include: length of service, provincial offices held with distinction, extraordinary care and devotion to a task, outstanding ideas or innovations introduced.
  3. The retiring Provincial President is automatically recommended for this honour at the completion of her term of office
  4. No more than 4 members may be selected in any one year.


  1. A notice and the criteria for selection of a recipient are placed in the November newsletter by the Honorary Membership Convenor inviting branch executives and/or members-at large to submit nominations for this award.
  2. The name and the accompanying background information about the proposed recipient must be forwarded to the Honorary Life Membership Convenor by January 31.
  3. The Committee selects the recipients as soon as possible after January 31. The chairperson forwards the choices, along with the rationale for the selections, to the Provincial President for presentation, discussion and ratification at the April executive meeting. The decision is relayed to the chairperson of the Honorary Membership Committee who then notifies the recipients.

Honorary Membership Awards 2019

This Provincial Award is the highest honour that RWTO/OERO bestows. We received three nominations this year and the committee was delighted to present all three to the Provincial board. All three of these recipients exhibited outstanding service at the Provincial level. We are pleased to honour Sharron Colter, Henedine Weiman and Dianne Winkler for their dedication to our organization.

Sharron Colter

After retiring from teaching Sharron moved to Northern Bruce Peninsula and joined the Wiarton Branch of RWTO/OERO. Sharron demonstrated innovative and excellent leadership-skills in the way she undertook any task.

Presently Sharron is RWTO/OERO Provincial President but has held many other Provincial positions. She was Area 1 Director for two years. During that time she served on the Provincial Membership Committee and was an editor for our Connections Newsletter. Sharron was the Provincial Archivist before accepting the position of 2nd Vice President in 2017. With each position Sharron has been committed, open minded, creative and demonstrated a caring and sharing attitude.

Henedine Weiman

Henedine has been a member of RWTO/OERO since her retirement in 1998. She has supported and actively worked with the Sudbury Branch.

Henedine served as Area 10 Director. During that time, she served on the Honorary Membership Committee and assisted the Provincial Archivist with the French translation of the Memorial Service. Following this she served as Provincial Archivist.

As Provincial Archivist she introduced many innovative ways to honour our fondly remembered members. Henedine also served on the committee that revised the Cora Bailey Award and reviewed the Archivist job description.

In addition, she worked on the committee to design the Past Presidents Pin with French wording. Henedine has devoted herself diligently to our Provincial Organization and her service exemplifies her dedication and skilled leadership.

Dianne Winkler

Dianne was nominated by both the Kitchener-Waterloo and Cambridge Branches. She is a member of Cambridge Branch.

Provincially Dianne served as Area 2 Director for four years. With a calm and cheerful manner Dianne attended Branch luncheons and guided executives past some difficult times. As director her knowledge of RWTO/OERO Constitution and Policy and Procedures and well as her strong leadership skills have assisted branches many times. Good people skills and the willingness to pitch in are exemplified in Dianne.

She served on two AGM Committees in 2006 and 2015. Her dramatic flare was evident in the planning of these events. Dianne is a tiny dynamo and has shared her time and talents freely with RWTO/OERO.

The Cora Bailey Award

Cora Bailey from the Peterborough Branch was RWTO/OERO’s first Executive Secretary-Treasurer. She held this position for eleven years until 1982 and wrote the History Book – OASWT 1956-1976. Beginning in 2003, this award was presented in her honour.

Criteria for Cora Bailey Award Recipients

  1. The Cora Bailey Award may be presented to a Branch member who has contributed outstanding service to her Branch.


  1. The certificate for this award is available on request from the Provincial Office and will be signed by the provincial President.
  2. All branch members are eligible for this award whether or not they have received an Honorary Life membership Award.
  3. One to three recipients per Branch may receive the award per Membership year (September 1st to August 31st).
  4. A picture of Cora Bailey, donated by Jean Axcell from Peterborough, is to be kept by the Archivist for display at the Annual Meeting.
  5. After being displayed at the Annual Meeting, pictures of the recipients for that year will be kept in an album by the Archivist.