April 27th Luncheon & Speakers

April 27,2023 | London-Middlesex

The two London police detectives admitted from the beginning that their topic “Human Trafficking and Crime along the 401 Highway” was not a “fun” topic. It is however important that the public and in particular teachers, know what is being done to help young people – primarily females, avoid being trafficked as unpaid prostitutes.
News of this crime rarely makes the headlines and much of their work is undercover. It was interesting to hear how much information gathered and shared across police forces from Ottawa, Toronto, London, Windsor and points in between, may not actually result in arrests for many months or years, but it all adds up in the end. The London police force has a very high conviction rate when they have made arrests. We were startled to hear that some very well-known men, successful in entertainment or sports actually become pimps to the young girls they attract as “boyfriends”. Expensive gifts offered by such “boyfriends” turn into threats, violence, and drugs and alcohol use, and often include isolation by relocating to other cities, away from family and friends which increases their vulnerability.
The officers are also working with school staff to inform high school students of the potential dangers which they hope may prevent some trafficking in the future. While most of the pimps are men there are some women who become pimps or act to lure in girls for the male pimps. It is good to know there is a concerted effort among police forces to reduce crime and human trafficking of our vulnerable young people.