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Hello and welcome to all retired women teachers to the RWTO/OERO Wiarton Branch in Area 1. The Wiarton Branch covers a large geographic area in Bruce County including Tobermory, Miller Lake, Lion’s Head, Stokes Bay, Barrow Bay, Pike Bay, Red Bay, Hepworth, Sauble Beach, Wiarton, Tara, Chesley and the many other small towns and other bays on the Bruce.

Wiarton Branch is a group of 52 retired women teachers who care, share and have fun together. We hail from the public, Catholic and private school boards including elementary, secondary and post-secondary from Tobermory to Chesley. We welcome all retired teachers in the Northern Bruce County Area to join us.

As a retired women teacher you do not have to be collecting a teacher’s pension to become a member as long as you received teacher qualifications. Even if you only taught for a few years, you qualify as a retired teacher.

Our motto is “Caring and Sharing and Having Fun” and we do! The Wiarton Branch meets four times a year including a summer pot luck luncheon in July at Inglis Falls.


Past PresidentEllen C.
PresidentSharron C.
SecretaryVi H.l
TreasurerSharon Heth.
Insurance ConvenorRoberta D.
Connections, Communication, Membership, Goodwill:Dee B.
Program and EntertainmentSusan Klages
Area 1 DirectorSharron Colter

Other Branches in Area 1 include South Bruce, Owen Sound, Dundalk-Highpoint, Flesherton and Beaver Valley.

For more information about and/or to join RWTO/OERO (Retired Women Teachers of Ontario Contact:
President Sharron at 1-519-793-3473 dshcolter@cabletv.on.ca and/or Dee (Goodwill, Newsletter, and Membership Convenor) at 1-519-422-1277 deeburnlees@hotmail.com

September Report

September 28, 2015 – Tara United Church, with Music by the Lions Head Friendship Choir. Merri McCartney spoke on the resources available for retiring at home. Your executive met for 3 hours on Sept. 9 to discuss your branch business.

Pres. Sharron, along with Roberta, Vi, and Dee, attended the Area 1 Insurance & Presidents Workshop at Stevens Restaurant in Markdale, Sept.1. At the workshop, the Provincial Insurance Convenor Bertha Breen gave a very useful morning and afternoon presentation about the many claims that can be made on our RWTO insurance plan.

2016 – 2017 Program For RWTO/OERO Wiarton Branch

September 2016 – Meeting
10:30 am
Tara Anglican Church

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