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* There has been a change of address to the claim form. The new address is:
P.O. Box 670, Stn Waterloo
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* The claim form is now a fillable form

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Provincial Insurance Convenor – LeAnne Taylor:
Assistant Provincial Insurance Convenor – Kathy McLean:

Insurance Plans available to RWTO/OERO members in good standing.

  1. The Hospital and Home Care Plan – our most popular. More to follow.
  2. Personal Accidental Death and Dismemberment Plan. More to follow.
  3. Travel Insurance Broker – CanAm Insurance. – 1-888-326-3535

Note: These plans are available to RWTO/OERO members in good standing and those members, with existing coverage, will continue to be covered provided they continue to pay their premiums when they become due.

Hospital and Home Care Plan

To enroll, contact either:

Our Insurance Program is often cited as one of the most significant benefits of membership in RWTO/OERO. With over 3,000 fellow members already enrolled in the program, we are delighted to endorse and recommend The Hospital and Home Care Plan and The Personal Accidental Death and Dismemberment Plan.

Most of us are optimistic that we can successfully avoid medical complications, but as we enjoy our retirement years, the reality is many of us will be confronted with the physical and financial strain that comes with recovering from an accident, elective surgery or illness.

Whether it comes from slipping in the shower, having knee surgery or an illness that finds you in the hospital, convalescence and recovery is not only physically unpleasant, but it can also be expensive. The RWTO Hospital and Home Care Plan helps you pay many of the expenses related to simply getting better.

At a recent RWTO branch meeting, a VON representative commented: “I can’t believe you ladies have access to a plan that covers so much and costs so little. In this day and age, when health care is being cut back so drastically, it is more important than ever that you have this kind of personal coverage to ensure that you remain self-sufficient.”

We encourage you and your spouse to enrol in the program. When you apply within one year of your retirement and become a member of RWTO/OERO, your acceptance is guaranteed -there are no medical questions asked of you. After this open enrolment period a medical questionnaire must be completed and your application will be underwritten to determine your eligibility. Your spouse must always complete a medical questionnaire. (You and your spouse are automatically accepted into The Personal Accidental Death & Dismemberment Plan, regardless of your retirement date). To enrol simply obtain an application from your Branch Insurance Convenor, Manulife Financial or Terry Kennedy and mail your completed application in the pre-addressed, postage-paid envelope.

Got a question before you enrol or about your existing coverage?
Call Terry Kennedy at 519-583-0098 or Manulife Financial at 1-877-222-7340.

They can answer any question you have, from payment options to how to complete the enrolment form.

If you have a question about your existing RWTO Hospital and Home Care coverage, please, call either Terry Kennedy at the above number
or Manulife Financial at 1-877-222-7340

Don’t lose your opportunity to get this valuable coverage automatically, without any medical questions. Apply now and, after you receive the certificate of insurance, take a good look at the real value these plans offer. You can cancel at anytime but you are guaranteed coverage only once, so don’t miss the opportunity!

If you’re still wondering, talk to members who have used the plans. They will tell you how pleased they were with the claim settlements and even how quickly the cheque was issued.