Communication Convenors


Check Your Branch’s Webpage for the following:

Under these available Tabs ( Headings )


  • A Featured Image (a group photo or area landscape photo)
  • a list of the new executive with contact information


  • A paragraph about the branch
  • a list of the new executive with contact information


  • Recent photos of events, luncheons, outings or meetings


  • list of the upcoming events for this year (with date ,time & place)
  • a calendar of Events for the year


  • information on how to join with contact information
  • Insurance information ( who to contact )


  • most recent Newsletter


  • recent or previous awards such as Cora Bailey, Barbara Bain etc.


  • a list of charities the branch supports and photos

In Memoriam

Obituaries of Members

  • that have been printed in the newspaper or
  • posted online at the funeral home


It is important to update regularly in order to keep members informed of the most current information.



A good practice would be to send updates during the following months of:

  • September
  • December
  • March

***also the same time as the Connections Newsletter


In the subject area of your email type in your Branch’s name.

If  you want to share a specific page of your Branch’s web page.

  • Go to your Branch’s page,
  • Click on the specific tab such as Gallery
  • go to the top of the page
  • copy the url ( notice the tab is in the url )
  • paste the url in your email message eg.

Start your  Zoom experience by watching the videos below.




Convention Workshops




Enjoy this short clip called,”Are Teachers Cool ?”


Introduction To Gimp Photoshop Video (click on image below)






Gimp Download For macOS AND For Windows 





How Do I Create A Group In Facebook?

NOTE: You need to have your own Facebook Page in order to do this.

  1. Click Create in the top right of Facebook and select Group.
  2. Enter your group name, add group members and then choose the privacy setting for your group.
  3. Click Create.
Once you create your group, you personalize it by uploading a cover photo and adding a description.