RWTO/OERO Awards Policies

It is the policy of RWTO/OERO that the following honours may be bestowed on members.

Barbara Bain Membership Award

This provincial award was named in honour of our long-time member, Barbara Bain, who served on the Provincial Board of Directors for 11 years. Barbara served as an Area Director, Assistant Insurance Convenor, Insurance Convenor, 2nd and 1st Vice-President, President, Past President and Honorary President. Barbara was also the first Membership Convenor for RTWO/OERO. Barbara continues to be an active member in the London-Middlesex Branch.

Since its inception in 2006-2007, the provincial Barbara Bain Award has traditionally been given to the three branches, one in each tier, with the largest percentage increase in the number of regular paid-up members. In 2015, the formula was changed: the actual increase is now calculated on how many new members join, less the number of existing members who did not renew during the April 1 to March 31 period. Awards of $300, $200 and $100 will be given in each tier, based on actual increase in membership. So now instead of 3 awards of $200 being awarded, we have 9 provincial awards, 3 for each tier, totalling $1800.

Barbara Bain Recipients 2020

Tier Branch Net Increases
1 Mississauga tie for 1st 23 $400.00
1 Windsor-Essex tie for 1st 23 $400.00
1 Burlington 2nd 12 $300.00
1 Hamilton-Wentworth 3rd 11 $200.00
2 Niagara Falls 1st 13 $400.00
2 Brant tie for 2nd 7 $300.00
2 Lanark tie for 2nd 7 $300.00
2 Peterborough tie for 2nd 7 $300.00
2 Cambridge 3rd 6 $200.00
3 Rendezvous 1st 8 $400.00
3 Northumberland South Durham 2nd 7 $300.00
3 East Parry Sound 3rd 6 $200.00

Click on the links below to access the videos of the Barbara Bain award Recipients for 2020

Barbara Bain Tier One Award Recipients

Barbara Bain Tier Two Award Recipients

Barbara Bain Tier Three Award Recipients

Barbara Bain Award Recipients 2019

The membership increases are calculated by the Executive Secretary-Treasurer.

The Feather In Your Hat Award

The Feather in Your Hat was established by the Membership Committee.

Criteria for the Feather in Hat Award

  1. This award recognizes creative, innovative and successful activities carried out by a Branch that has clearly enriched the programs offered by RWTO/OERO.


  1. Area Directors can submit the names of deserving Branches.
  2. Branches can nominate themselves by writing a descriptive article and submitting it to the Chair of the Membership Committee for consideration.
  3. Chosen Branches have an article describing their activity or program published in the Provincial Newsletter and the “Hat” itself is presented at the Annual Meeting.
  4. Two or three Branches are honoured each year.


Submissions for Feather In Your Hat must be made to the Membership Convenor after January 1st and before March 1st. Mail a hard copy via Canada Post to:

Joyce Ratz
Box 487
Iron Bridge, ON P0R1H0

Notify her that it is in the mail and she will confirm receipt upon arrival.

Feather in Your Hat Award

The “Feather in Your Hat” Awards are presented each year at the AGM/June Convention. It is given in recognition to branches for their creative, innovative, and successful projects that have clearly enriched the programs offered by RWTO/OERO at the branch level. Thank you to all the branches that made submissions this year.

Feather In Your Hat Award Recipients 2020

Central Algoma Teacher Support (CATS) identified a need in their rural Community for caregivers of Seniors with dementia who were experiencing “burnout”. For any support, caregivers needed to travel 40 to 80 km. to participate or to receive interactive materials or experience Day Away programs.

CATS has created 4 Activity kits to rotate among local Libraries and Community Centers for borrowing. They are being promoted through open houses, on Community web sites and in local Newsletters.

CATS is actively seeking financial aid for more Resource materials, Activity kits and local Programs so that their rural population will have easier, on-going access for themselves and their family members to engage in meaningful activities that challenge and enrich their lives!

St Catharines’ Community Outreach Project called “Shaver Totes” re-purposed 42 hand-sewn tote bags left from their Convention 2019. They chose to fill them with personal items for female patients at the local Hotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Foundation. The totes make excellent “assists” on wheelchairs, walkers or beds for those recovering from illness, stroke, or reduced mobility and…they can keep them!

They also formed an on-going knitting group, “We’ve Got your Back”, to make shawls and lap blankets for Branch members who can no longer attend luncheons or interest groups. A short visit is planned with the recipient and the gift is delivered! This interest group is planning to take on more projects such as hats, scarves and mittens for the homeless next year!

Click on the link below to access the video of the Feather In Your Hat Award Recipients 2020

Feather In Your Hat Award Recipients 2020

Feather in Your Hat Award Winners by Year, 2004-2019

Honorary Membership Award

A Provincial Honorary Membership in RWTO/OERO is the highest honour that can be bestowed on a member for outstanding service at the provincial level. This award is presented at the Annual Meeting. Nominations are sent to the Honorary Membership Committee Chair.

Criteria for Honorary Members:

  1. The most important consideration must be the member’s contribution to RWTO/OERO at the provincial level.
  2. The contribution may include: length of service, provincial offices held with distinction, extraordinary care and devotion to a task, outstanding ideas or innovations introduced.
  3. The retiring Provincial President is automatically recommended for this honour at the completion of her term of office
  4. No more than 4 members may be selected in any one year.


  1. A notice and the criteria for selection of a recipient are placed in the November newsletter by the Honorary Membership Convenor inviting branch executives and/or members-at large to submit nominations for this award.
  2. The name and the accompanying background information about the proposed recipient must be forwarded to the Honorary Life Membership Convenor by January 31.
  3. The Committee selects the recipients as soon as possible after January 31. The chairperson forwards the choices, along with the rationale for the selections, to the Provincial President for presentation, discussion and ratification at the April executive meeting. The decision is relayed to the chairperson of the Honorary Membership Committee who then notifies the recipients.

Honorary Membership Award Recipients 2020

This Provincial Award is the highest honour that RWTO/OERO bestows. We received three nominations this year and the committee was delighted to present all three to the Provincial board. All three of these recipients exhibited outstanding service at the Provincial level. We are pleased to honour Karen Clark-Lauzon, Teresa Dorey and Donna Hemeon for their dedication to our organization.

Click here for the Honorary Membership Awards 2020

Karen Clark-Lauzon

Karen is a valued member of the Windsor-Essex Branch. She has served with excellence on its executive for eight years. During that time, Karen co-chaired the 2016 Convention which celebrated RWTO/OERO’s 60th year.

In 2017, Karen joined the Provincial Board as our Second Vice President. She served in important roles that year, first as Provincial Goodwill Convenor and secondly, as Chair of the newly formed Ad Hoc Convention Handbook Review Committee. Then, as First Vice President, Karen chaired the Constitution and Resolutions Committee. This past year, as our Provincial President, Karen has dedicated herself to learning the challenges that each Branch faces. She has offered support, inspiration and leadership both to the Branches and also to the members of the Board of Directors. Karen’s leadership has come to the fore, as we faced the unprecedented challenges that Covid-19 presented to our organization.

Karen serves our organization with distinction. Congratulations, Karen!

Teresa Dorey

Teresa Dorey is a self- motivated and enthusiastic leader who has served on the executive of Napanee Branch continuously since 2004. During that time, Teresa served two terms as Branch President and two as Branch Insurance Convenor. Moreover, she played key roles on the organizing and planning committees for both the 2015 and the 2020 Conventions.

In 2015, Teresa joined the Provincial Board of Directors as Area 8 Director, a position which she has held for five years. During her term on the Board, Teresa has dedicated much time to visiting her branches, to encouraging members in their outreach programs and to offering advice and suggestions as needed. In 2016, Teresa took over the responsibility of creating articles for the Issues and Concerns section of “Connections”. Her articles were interesting, informative and relevant to every retired woman. Teresa’s “Storefront Workshop” at Convention 2017 showed her commitment to bringing these issues to all Convention attendees. She truly represents our motto “Caring and Sharing”.

Congratulations, Teresa!

Donna Hemeon

Donna Hemeon is a dedicated and well-respected member of the Beaver Valley Branch in Area 1 of RWTO/OERO. She has served on the Provincial Board for 8 years, first, as Area 1 Director, next, as Assistant Provincial Insurance Convenor and finally as Provincial Insurance Convenor. As well, Donna served on the Convention planning committees both in 2008 and 2018. She has devoted time, enthusiasm, and expertise to benefit the members of RWTO/OERO. Donna always works willingly, effectively and always with a warm smile. As Provincial Insurance Convenor, Donna proved her dedication time and time again. She was quick to address issues and questions as they arose. Her exceptional knowledge of our insurance matters, together with her friendly and professional manner made each of her presentations to the Branches very effective.

Donna is a very deserving recipient of this award. Congratulations, Donna!

Submitted by: Peggy Stock, Chairperson
Committee Members: Shirley Greenwood, Susan Rose and Kathy Smith

The Cora Bailey Award

Cora Bailey from the Peterborough Branch was RWTO/OERO’s first Executive Secretary-Treasurer. She held this position for eleven years until 1982 and wrote the History Book – OASWT 1956-1976. Beginning in 2003, this award was presented in her honour.

Criteria for Cora Bailey Award Recipients

  1. The Cora Bailey Award may be presented to a Branch member who has contributed outstanding service to her Branch.


  1. The certificate for this award is available on request from the Provincial Office and will be signed by the provincial President.
  2. All branch members are eligible for this award whether or not they have received an Honorary Life membership Award.
  3. One to three recipients per Branch may receive the award per Membership year (September 1st to August 31st).
  4. A picture of Cora Bailey, donated by Jean Axcell from Peterborough, is to be kept by the Archivist for display at the Annual Meeting.
  5. After being displayed at the Annual Meeting, pictures of the recipients for that year will be kept in an album by the Archivist.