Central Algoma Branch

We welcome  retired women with a teaching career in elementary, secondary or post secondary field. This year we are especially looking forward to retired Educational Assistants, and Early Childhood Educators joining us.

As a member you are  eliglble for supplementary health insurance  that tops up what you would receive from RTO  or ARM.  

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Contact Information

For more information about the Central Algoma Branch please contact:

Mary Jane Thompson-President
Email: mjthompson.thessalon@gmail.com
Marilyn Schatzler-Vice-President
Email: marilynschatzler@gmail.com
Marlene Fall-Insurance
Email: marlfal@sympatico.ca
Maureen Gooderham-Secretary:
Email: alnmoe@shaw.ca

Branch Newsletter

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Interest Groups

All dates, times and locations to be announced unless otherwise noted.

Book Club
3rd Monday each month @ 1:30pm
Linda Prodan
705 575-1519
Games Group
2nd Tuesday each month
Connie Bennett
705 785-3508
Hiking Group
2nd Wednesday each month 10am
Nancy Konzuk
705 785-3385
Craft Group
Last Thursday each month @ 1:30
Theme Dinner Group
Tuesday, October 24, 2023
Carol Neave


It is the policy of RWTO/OERO that the following honours may be bestowed on branches and their members.



The Retired Women Teachers of Ontario (RWTO/OERO) Central Algoma Branch make “Caring and Sharing Donations” to Community Groups.