Orillia Branch

Orillia is described as Mariposa in Stephen Leacock’s Sunshine Sketches as a little town. Now the Mariposa Folk Festival is a very well-known, popular Orillia event held in July. Our RWTO Orillia Branch originated Caring & Sharing inviting elementary students to communicate with LTC residents through friendship letters/cards.

Contact Information

For more information about the Orillia Branch please contact:

Kay-Anne Broger-President
Email: kabro@sympatico.ca
Yvonne Bromley-Communications
Email: Effiebromley@gmail.com
Phone Number: 705 689 6744
Phone Number: 705 323 0241
Joan Gordon-Membership
Phone Number: 705 326 3357


Send your cheque to the following address:

Joan Gordon
16-188 Coldwater Rd
Orillia Ont L3V 3L9