Please complete this form in its entirety with your signature and date

Date of Birth
I hereby authorize RWTO/OERO Executive Secretary-Treasurer, current members of the Provincial Executive, and my RWTO/OERO Branch Executive, to collect and exchange my personal information given herein only for the following purposes:
  • Sending me RWTO/OERO Provincial newsletters and other RWTO/OERO communications.
  • Preparing RWTO/OERO membership cards, member lists and/or reports to be shared with RWTO/OERO.
  • Facilitating the administration of the RWTO/OERO organization including providing access to records as required by the organization’s Auditor(s).
  • Providing me with information on products and services afforded to me through my RWTO/OERO membership, including insurance through Manulife or through RWTO/OERO.
  • Confirming my continued membership in RWTO/OERO to Manulife if required.
  • Enabling RWTO/OERO to assess the effectiveness of member communications and ensuring the accuracy of my information.
The insurance program, through Manulife, is optional. It provides excellent add-on benefits to other insurance plans to the member and to RWTO/OERO. Only Manulife knows if you are a subscriber.

Go to Insurance plans at for forms, brochure and application. You can also access information from your Branch Insurance Convenor.