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Mission Statement

We believe that RWTO/OERO is an organization which meets the interests and needs of retired women teachers.

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Our Goals

  • To provide a strong communication network and opportunities for social interaction among retired women teachers at both the local and provincial levels.
  • To provide interesting and challenging programs for intellectual stimulation, information about issues of particular interest to retired women teachers and opportunities for cultural enrichment.
  • To provide support for colleagues especially in times of illness, loneliness, stress and sorrow.
  • To provide a unique form of hospital & home care insurance exclusively for members and their spouses at a reasonable cost.
  • To formulate an organized plan to increase membership in RWTO/OERO.
  • To ensure that RWTO/OERO is a financially well-managed organization both provincially and locally.

We Believe…

  • RWTO/OERO continually works to be a fully accessible organization to meet the unique needs of retired women teachers
  • RWTO/OERO fosters and promotes interaction among retired women teachers to help members maintain and establish friendships with former colleagues
  • RWTO/OERO provides interesting, stimulating and supportive programmes for all members
  • RWTO/OERO provides a wide range of opportunities for members to use their leadership, communication and creative skills
  • RWTO/OERO is socially conscious and works to establish a visible, outward-looking presence among teachers in particular and the public in general to improve the lives of all women and children


RWTO/OERO is divided into 13 Areas across the Province, each with an Area Director who represents her Area on the Board of Directors. Within these Areas are 46 Branches, each with its own Executive, programs and activities. The Provincial Board of Directors is comprised of an Executive and the Area Directors. Actions of the Board of Directors and Staff are governed by a Constitution and Policies and Procedures.

The Policies and Procedures Handbook is available, on request, from Provincial Office, either electronically or in hard copy. It is also available right on the website.

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Areas and Their Branches

For Information about branches please visit Branch News.