Branch Activities

There is a local Branch of RWTO/OERO in nearly every region of Ontario. Each Branch elects its executive and arranges its own programs and activities. The Provincial office publishes a guidebook which contains the RWTO/OERO Constitution and guidelines for organizing and running the local branch. Many local groups have extensive goodwill programs for sick and shut-in members in their areas. Regular luncheon meetings are held throughout the year where members hear interesting speakers on a variety of topics, see demonstrations or hear musical artists. In addition, some Branches organize activities or interest groups such as bowling, walking, music, current events, and trips to the theatre, concerts, art galleries or museums. Retired women teachers are an enthusiastic and energetic group of people with a multiplicity of interests. Local Branches provide programs that allow members to participate in activities and programs that meet their particular needs.

The 3R’s of Membership (Recognition, Recruitment and Retention) demonstrates the activities that branches provide for our members. Click on the files below to see the many activities the branches have initiated as well as other very creative ideas that can be launched by your branch.