The Retired Women Teachers of Ontario / Organisation des Enseignantes Retraitées de l’Ontario Welcome You!

In 1956, a small group of retired women teachers in Toronto got together for the purpose of trying to persuade the government to raise the level of pensions for retired women teachers to the same level as their male colleagues. Their goal would be met some years later, and with it the realization that retired women teachers needed a voice.

Caring & Sharing

Today, Retired Women Teachers of Ontario / Organisation des enseignantes retraitées de l’Ontario (RWTO/OERO) continues to exist because there is still a need for an organization that cares for the interests and well-being of retired women teachers. More importantly, RWTO/OERO provides a forum whereby retired women teachers can come together for social interaction, stimulating programs, emotional support and most of all, friendship.

If you are a retired woman teacher from any part of the world, please consider joining RWTO/OERO. Regardless of whether or not you are collecting a teacher’s pension, or how long you taught, our organization offers many benefits: the opportunity to continue networking, maintain friendships and enjoy camaraderie and the opportunity to participate in the various insurance plans which are available to all members.