About our Branches (Testing)

Click on one of the branch names in the map above or in the list below to learn how to connect with one of our 46 branches. You can also use the “Go to Branch” drop-down menu in the upper-right-hand corner of any page of this website.

Area 9

Director- Kathleen McLean

Area 10

Director- Suzanne Rondeau

Area 11

Director- Emily Noble
Central Algoma
Sault Ste. Marie

Area 12

Director- Margaret Geare
Lydia Snow North Halton
Peel North (Brampton)

Area 13

Director- Carol Morningstar
Niagara West
Niagara Falls
Niagara South
St. Catharines

Back Row: Moira-Jane Plexman, Hénédine Weiman, Leslie Carroll-Frey, Jennifer Davis, Marilyn Bancsi, Marion Kelly, Sandie Bender
Front Row: Teresa Dorey, Suzanne Lanouette-Carswell, Carol Nelson, Judith Bennoch, Shirley Greenwood
Absent: Joyce Ratz