Social media are interactive digitally-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation or sharing/exchange of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks.
a. Content of Social Media

Content of Social Media may include:
i. Information about the organization and its goals, benefits, and activities,
ii. Current events, activities and news from members as approved by the administrators,
iii. Public service announcements for members (e.g., notices of school reunions).

b. Posting of Social Media Content
i. All content will reflect human rights regulations.
ii. Political, religious, and social content will not be posted.
iii. Paid advertising will not be accepted.
iv. The Social Media administrators have final authorization regarding what is posted on any RWTO/OERO Social Media account.

c. Social Media Administrators
i. A minimum of two administrators is required.
ii. One of the administrators should be part of the Communications Team.

d. Social Media accounts are sanctioned by RWTO/OERO and are identified by the RWTO/OERO logo.

e. All Branches shall follow RWTO/OERO Social Media Policy guidelines. (added May 2021)


* Note to Branches: For installation service at the Branch level, please insert the word “Convenors” to replace the word Directors.

Will the newly elected Officers and Directors come forward as your names are called?
(Read each name and office)

At the beginning of your new year of work, it is fitting to review the goals of The Retired Women Teachers of Ontario / Organisation des enseignantes retraitées de l’Ontario. (RWTO/OERO) These are:

  1. To provide a strong communication network and opportunities for social interaction among retired women teachers at both the local and provincial levels.
  2. To provide interesting and challenging programs for intellectual stimulation, information about issues of particular interest to retired teachers, and opportunities for cultural enrichment.
  3. To provide support for colleagues especially in times of illness, loneliness, stress and sorrow.
  4. To provide a unique form of hospital & home care insurance exclusively for members and their spouses at a reasonable cost.
  5. To formulate an organized plan to increase membership in RWTO/OERO.
  6. To ensure that RWTO/OERO is a financially well-managed organization both provincially and locally.

To the newly elected Officers and Directors:

Do you promise to fulfill the duties and responsibilities conferred on you by the office to which you have been elected?
Answer: (I do)

To the members of RWTO/OERO:

Do you promise to support and cooperate with these elected Officers and Directors in the coming year as they carry out their duties?
Answer: (I do)

You have chosen your Officers and Directors for the coming year and they have accepted their duties and responsibilities. They are dependent upon your encouragement and support for the coming year.

Congratulations and Best Wishes for a very successful year. (Shake Hands)