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Welcomes new and returning members.

Join us for a great friendly experience 4 times a year and sign up for fun interest groups.

The members of RWTO Belleville are looking forward to a great year of comaradery and fellowship while supporting the charities that we believe are important to the lives of children. We continuously strive to build our membership and invite new retirees to join us for 4 delicious luncheons a year. Everyone looks forward to meeting new members and hearing the local speakers, musicians and acting companies that make our meetings a lot of fun. We always look forward to the homemade pies that the church ladies make for us. Our meetings are held in October, December, April and June. Retired teachers in our area support each other and care about our aging members. We look forward , each Spring, to celebrating our 90 year old members. As our latest Cora Bailey Award winner stated, “Socialization is one of the important keys to longevity.” Let’s all look forward to another great year of socializing.

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Chit Chat Club
Donna Knox
Book Club Contact
Robin O’Connor
Diners’ Club
Marilyn Callaghan
Walking Club
Elizabeth Sills
Alternative Films
Kay Snedden
Euchre Club
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