Our Members Enjoy Many Benefits

We are retired women educators who have joined together to form a professional organization called the Retired Women Teachers of Ontario/Organisation des enseignantes retraitées de l’Ontario (RWTO/OERO). The purpose of this group is to provide fellowship, friendship, communication and support to retired women teachers.


Our organization is governed by a Board of Directors, consisting of an Executive and Area Directors. Each branch elects its own executive and plans the program of activities for the year. A handbook is published which contains the RWTO/OERO Constitution and also guidelines to assist in organizing and carrying out branch programs.


Every member of RWTO/OERO receives newsletters regularly. These newsletters are the official communication channel for the organization, containing information on the work of RWTO/OERO, important announcements, and articles of current interest to retired women teachers.

The purpose of the newsletter is to keep members informed of RWTO/OERO activities at both the Provincial and Branch levels. Branches are invited to share ideas and information about their local accomplishments and programs by submitting articles and photos to the Communications Convenor or to Provincial Office. Comments or questions about the newsletter should be directed to the Provincial Office: info@rwto.org or 1-877-607-6696.

Advertising Policy

Effective November 2006, paid advertising will no longer be accepted for the newsletter. Public service announcement such as school reunions will continue to be included for members. They should be e-mailed to the Provincial Office.

Fiftieth Anniversary Book Project

Chalk, Challenge, and Change
Stories from Ontario Women Teachers

Stories gathered from senior members of the Retired Women Teachers of Ontario / Organisation des enseignantes retraitées de l’Ontario capture the heritage and history of classrooms across the province.  The storytellers are all over 90 years of age – some over 100, and their stories take us into the classrooms of the past. They tell about hiring and firing, struggles and celebrations, and the rewards of teaching under conditions that were often challenging.  Vintage photos add another dimension to the book

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of RWTO/OERO, this book honours the teachers who have dedicated so many years of their lives  to educating the young people of Ontario.

The publication had its official launch at the Annual Convention. Over 4000 copies of this excellent book have been sold and it is now SOLD OUT!

RWTO/OERO Insurance Plan

This organization offers a unique Health Insurance Plan which is not available to members of any other retired teachers’ group. It is called the RWTO Hospital & Home Care Plan.

Everyone in Ontario is covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan. Most people carry additional health insurance to cover such things as the cost of hospital care and treatment, doctor’s visits, eye glasses, dental coverage etc. For some retired teachers, their District School Board often offers extended health benefits to retirees until they reach the age of 65 years. After that time, retired teachers must seek another Insurance carrier.

Hospital & Home Care Plan

The RWTO Health Insurance Plan offers post-hospital home care insurance to help with expenses when discharged from hospital following an accident or illness. For certain benefits, the plan offers cash with no receipts necessary -only the doctor’s certification that you have been in hospital. This is a unique plan, offered only to retired WOMEN teachers and their spouses for a very modest premium. In order to apply for this insurance a retired woman teacher must be a member of the RWTO organization. See our Insurance Plan for benefits, notes and frequently asked questions.

RWTO Personal Accidental Death and Dismemberment Plan

This plan will cover you for losses incurred from a serious accident, 24-hours a day, anywhere in the world. Benefits are paid for accidental death, dismemberment, or paralysis resulting from an accident. Choose the coverage you need, in units of $25,000 up to $200,000. Your spouse can be insured for the same level of benefit. Coverage reduces at age 70 by 50%, reduces a further 50% at age 80, and terminates at age 85. When accidental death occurs outside of Canada, the Plan will pay up to $5,000 to have the body brought home for burial. For further information contact Manulife Financial at 1-866-410-0500.

Annual meeting

Each year, during the first week of June, the Annual Meeting is held in a different town or city in Ontario hosted by local branches. The Provincial Treasury pays the expenses of one delegate from each Branch, thus ensuring that each Branch has a say in all decisions made at the provincial level.

Branches may finance and send additional delegates and visitors. All members are invited to attend the Annual Meeting and often a group of people from one area will travel together to enjoy the fellowship and fun. They enjoy participating in the business meetings, the bus tours, seeing old friends and making new ones. The Annual Meeting is the big event of the year, attracting members for over 55 years!

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We cordially invite you to become a member of our RWTO/OERO organization. For more information see our How to Join form.