Sherri Stokes Cora Bailey Award Niagara Falls Branch Recipient 2023-2024

April 10,2024 | Niagara Falls

Sherri began her 34-year teaching career with the Scarborough Board of Education, which later became part of the Toronto District School Board. Sherri worked primarily in Special Education with students with emotional disturbances, language disabilities, and hearing impairment. For 10 years, Sherri was a Learning Disability Consultant.

In addition to her productive work in the classroom, Sherri was a member of the Board of the Federation of Women Teachers of Ontario and chair of the Qualifications Evaluation Council of Ontario. Sherri was released from her teaching duties for six years to be the chief negotiator of the Scarborough Women Teachers Association and then local President.

After retiring in 1999, Sherri brought her considerable talents to RWTO. As a full member of the Scarborough branch, Sherri moved through Executive positions to become Area Director. In 2006-2007, she served as RWTO/OERO Provincial President.

In 2015 Sherri was part of an advisory committee on expanding programs for mature students at Ryerson University. She also served on the Executive of the Niagara Falls University Women’s Club, is on the management team of PROBUS, is secretary of the Stamford Green Heritage Columbarium (Old St. John’s Church), and has served on the Executive of Alpha Delta Kappa.

From 2003-2010, Sherri attended meetings of the Niagara Falls branch as a social member, becoming a full member in 2010. In service to our Niagara Falls branch, Sherri offers a friendly face and a welcoming hand to new members. She has also recruited many productive members to the Executive and is always willing to mentor them in their new role. In her years on the Executive, Sherri has been Honorary President and Provincial Contact; currently, she is Insurance Convenor. At Executive meetings, Sherri provides valuable guidance and insights into how best to serve our members. The Niagara Falls branch is grateful to Sherri for her years of service and her contributions to our members.

Provincial President Sandra Salerno presented the award to Sherri at our branch Spring Luncheon on April 10, 2024.

By:- Diane Ewen