London-Middlesex Branch News

We welcome new members to our Branch of over 200 Retired Women Teachers from the London-Middlesex Public, Catholic, and Private School Boards including the elementary, secondary and college/university panels.  We offer six major events and a wide variety of Interest Groups and Friendship Activities which are active throughout the year.

Our “Chalk Talk” Newsletter and other information are listed on the site under the Newsletters tab.

Most importantly, we have FUN!  Jump in, join in, and become part of our friendly Branch.



Membership:  Karen Tierney



Co- Presidents 2020-2022

Left: Sandy O’Brien

Right : Vera Rowland

Who To Contact?

Karen Tierney
Membership Chair

We are always happy to talk with retired teachers from all aspects of the teaching profession, elementary, secondary, college, private schools. Contact Karen Tierney for membership information as listed above.




“All activities were suspended in mid-March and continue to be inactive until further notice.”


Keeping in Touch is a group who visit members in a Nursing Home or are homebound with a caregiver and cannot attend meetings.

Courtesy/Goodwill is a group who send cards when a member is ill, in hospital or has experienced the death of a family member or who have a special occasion to celebrate.


This is a very popular group within the whole membership. The aim is to bring members together and do fun and friendly things such as theatre outings, monthly breakfasts, road trips, car rallying, crafts.

Book Clubs

Two separate small groups meet monthly after reading a mutually chosen selection from current best sellers to chat and discuss the selection. New members are welcomed.

 Book Sale

At each regular luncheon meeting members pre-owned books are contributed to the Book Sale table to be circulated to new owners. This is a very popular fund-raiser which sponsors Branch delegates attending the annual RWTO Convention.

Table Decorations

A group prepares centre-pieces for each luncheon table at our six Luncheon Meetings. They are  effective in providing the theme of the month and draw the admiration of attending members.

Phone-callers Group
This is a group of members who each phone a short list of members to remind them of the upcoming luncheon, when to pay by, who is speaking, and which charity – what to bring that month, if wishing to support. Since our membership is always growing people willing to make these calls are welcome additions to the group. Members may ask not to be called, of course.

“The phone callers’ group continued to be a main source of communication with our Members; to check on the well-being of our members and provide help as requested”.




(all breakfasts begin at 9:30 a.m.)

Tues. Sept.  15     Breakfast at Katie’s Kitchen     [limit of 3 tables with 4 people]

Wed.  Sept. 23     Breakfast at Katie’s Kitchen     [limit of 3 tables with 4 people]

Tues. Oct.    6       Breakfast at Katie’s Kitchen     [limit of 3 tables with 4 people]

Wed. Oct.  21        Breakfast at Katie’s Kitchen     [limit of 3 tables with 4 people]

Tues. Nov.  3        Breakfast at Shelley’s Restaurant on Wellington Rd.

Wed. Nov.   18       Breakfast at Katie’s Kitchen     [limit of 3 tables with 4 people]

Tues. Dec. 8           Christmas Luncheon at Sunningdale Golf & Country Club      (if permitted)

Wed. Jan. 2021       Breakfast at Shelley’s Restaurant

Mon. Feb.  8 2021   Breakfast at Shelley’s Restaurant


Our usual September and October Lunches have been foregone due to Covid 19, but tentative plans have been made for November 26       Christmas Antics & Dreams Come True

Listings for March, April  and May 2021 will be given at a later date.

Members are encouraged to make their individual donations to our usual charities and contact information was given in the Program mailed out to Members.

May 23, Annual Banquet and Installation of

New Officers and Chairpersons

for 2018-20

Luncheon is about to be served.


The new Executive for 2018-20 is installed by Provincial president Lois Lockhart.

New Members are introduced and presented with a flower and RWTO pin

A Memoriam is said for each members who has passed away in the preceding year.



Current Newsletter

Archived Newsletters


This provincial Award recognizes members who have given excellent leadership and outstanding service to their local branch.

There have been 22 recipients to date in the London-Middlesex Branch since the Award was begun in 2006. Cora Bailey was the first Provincial Secretary-Treasurer and held office for several years and wrote a book about RWTO.

Mary Maxwell with Cathy Harrison presented the 2018 Cora Bailey Award to Nancy Bell at the October Luncheon. Nancy is our Past President, she has been very active with many of our activities including the Friendship Group and the Table Centre-piece making for each of our luncheons.



This Provincial Award is presented at the Annual Convention in July to Branches that have increased membership over the previous year. There are three tiers representing three different sizes of Branches. We have over 240 members which places us in the “large” tier.

In 2017-18 our Branch had top place with an increase of 22 members, Past President Nancy Bell accepted the Award and $300.00 for the Branch at the Convention in 2018.
Barbara Bain is a member of the London-Middlesex Branch and was present at the Convention in 2018.


This Award was established a few years ago by our Branch to recognize members for their long-term service, support of members, as well as community volunteer work.
In May 2019 at the Annual General Meeting Pat Savage presented Pat Malone with the Shining Star Award and Cathy Harrison presented Janet Wombwell with her Shining Star Award. Both Pat and Janet were given the award in recognition of their commitment to our Branch in carrying out the mandate of Caring and Sharing by supporting programs and members as well as being active volunteers in the community.

On the left: The Shining Star Award 2019, Pat Savage presented the Award to Pat Malone.

On the right: Cathy Harrison presented the Shining Star Award to Janet Wombwell in May 2019.

A great majority of our members are active in the London-Middlesex Community through their church or other agencies and organizations. From May Court Club, Sororities, Meals on Wheels, Cancer Clinic, Lioness, to Optimist Club, Grandmothers for Grandmothers Campaign… the list is long and varied… hundreds of hours each year are spent helping and serving others.

In addition to individual members’ activities, as a Branch we support different charities within our London-Middlesex region by collecting goods or monies each month we meet for a luncheon in 2018-19.

Our Charities

  • September – new books for children aged 2 – 16 years go to the London Public Library for their Christmas Program “A Book for Every Child”.
  • October – Paper Goods for the Women’s Rural Resource Centre, Strathroy and Area
  • November – Items for the women of London attending a Resource Centre called “My Sister’s Place”,and also the Branch makes a financial contribution to the Salvation Army Christmas drive in lieu of Christmas gifts for our members.
  • March – Non-perishable items for the London Food Bank.
  • April – monies are collected from members for Educational Awards given by the Kiwanis Music/Speech competitions and for the Children’s Aid Scholarship Fund and Merrymount Children’s Services.