RWTO/OERO Awards Policies

It is the policy of RWTO/OERO that the following honours may be bestowed on members.

Barbara Bain Membership Awards

This provincial award was named in honour of our long-time member, Barbara Bain, who served on the Provincial Board of Directors for 11 years. Barbara served as an Area Director, Assistant Insurance Convenor, Insurance Convenor, 2nd and 1st Vice-President, President, Past President and Honorary President. Barbara was also the first Membership Convenor for RTWO/OERO. Barbara continues to be an active member in the London-Middlesex Branch.

Since its inception in 2006-2007, the provincial Barbara Bain Award has traditionally been given to the three branches, one in each tier, with the largest percentage increase in the number of regular paid-up members. In 2015, the formula was changed: the actual increase is now calculated on how many new members join, less the number of existing members who did not renew during the April 1 to March 31 period. Awards of $300, $200 and $100 will be given in each tier, based on actual increase in membership. So now instead of 3 awards of $200 being awarded, we have 9 provincial awards, 3 for each tier, totalling $1800.

Barbara Bain Awards 2018

Tier 3, the Smaller Branches
1st place – $300 – South Bruce, net increase 5
2nd place – $200 – Daisy Wilson Coldwater, net increase 4
3rd place – $100 – Beaver Valley, net increase 3

Tier 2, Middle-Sized Branches
1st place – $300 – Stratford, net increase 11
1st place – $300 – Durham North, net increase 11
2nd place – $200 – Central Algoma, net increase 4
2nd place – $200-Lydia Snow North Halton, net increase 4
3rd place – $100 – Owen Sound, net increase 2

Tier 1, Largest Branches
1st place – $300 – London-Middlesex, net increase 22
2nd place – $200 – Guelph-Wellington, net increase 19
3rd place – $100 – St Catharines, net increase 13

Past Barbara Bain Award Recipients

The membership increases are calculated by the Executive Secretary-Treasurer.

The Feather In Your Hat Award

The Feather in Your Hat was established by the Membership Committee.

Criteria for the Feather in Hat Award

  1. This award recognizes creative, innovative and successful activities carried out by a Branch that has clearly enriched the programs offered by RWTO/OERO.


  1. Area Directors can submit the names of deserving Branches.
  2. Branches can nominate themselves by writing a descriptive article and submitting it to the Chair of the Membership Committee for consideration.
  3. Chosen Branches have an article describing their activity or program published in the Provincial Newsletter and the “Hat” itself is presented at the Annual Meeting.
  4. Two or three Branches are honoured each year.


Submissions for Feather In Your Hat must be made to the Membership Convenor after January 1st and before March 1st. Mail a hard copy via Canada Post to:

Suzanne Lanouette-Carswell
2695 Hickson Cres
Ottawa, ON K2H 6Y5

Notify her that it is in the mail and she will confirm receipt upon arrival.

Feather in Your Hat Award
The “Feather in Your Hat” Awards are presented each year at the AGM/June Convention. It is given in recognition to branches for their creative, innovative, and successful projects that have clearly enriched the programs offered by RWTO/OERO at the branch level. Thank you to all the branches that made submissions this year.

Award Winners 2018

St. Catharines Branch
After the convention in Ajax, this branch decided to support a “global” need in addition to their other projects. They focused on a non-profit initiative that helps freed sex slave workers earn a living. New and gently used bras are sold in second-hand markets in Ecuador, Gambia and Mozambique. This enterprise provides income to girls and women who have no other support. The branch began their “Free the Girls” project in October 2017.  50 bras a month were donated before the official start date. By the end of their Christmas luncheon, 211 bras had been collected and $127 was raised to offset shipping costs. “Free the Girls” was a perfect fit for the St. Catharines Branch as it represents women helping women. Congratulations St. Catharines Branch.
Trenton Branch
The idea for the “Welcome Home” Project came after a presentation to the branch by a guest speaker. The “Welcome Home” Project offers support to men and women who are moving into an apartment after being homeless for a period of time. Branch members donated new and gently used household items such as sheets, towels, utensils and small appliances. The items were packed into large totes, some being suitable for men and some suitable for women. In all, 6 totes were assembled and the extra items dispersed to whoever needed them. In addition, $735 was raised to be used in front line causes of the Hastings and Prince Edward Canadian Mental Health Association. Bravo Trenton Branch for your generosity and caring for and sharing with the more vulnerable members of your community.
Stratford Branch
Stratford Branch began their project to celebrate our country’s 150th birthday. Their initial goal was to knit or crochet 150 tiny hats for newborns at their General Hospital. The initial group of 8 ladies attended the first meeting. The group has grown to 22 members. Their project has also expanded to include crocheted stuffed octopi and jellyfish for premature infants who cuddle the long tentacles which deters them from pulling on the tubes they are surrounded by. Cuddling also calms their breathing and allows for better oxygen intake. The group has also included blankets into their project. The Branch has far exceeded its initial 150 hats. The Stratford General Hospital, at the time of this submission, has received 335 hats, 10 blankets, 6 octopi and 1 jellyfish. Congratulations Stratford Branch on this warm and cuddly project for those in your area starting out in life.
Membership Committee – Marilyn Bancsi, Jennifer Davis, Joyce Ratz, and (Chair) Suzanne Lanouette-Carswell.

Feather in Your Hat Award Winners by Year

Honorary Membership

A Provincial Honorary Membership in RWTO/OERO is the highest honour that can be bestowed on a member for outstanding service at the provincial level. This award is presented at the Annual Meeting. Nominations are sent to the Honorary Membership Committee Chair.

Criteria for Honorary Members:

  1. The most important consideration must be the member’s contribution to RWTO/OERO at the provincial level.
  2. The contribution may include: length of service, provincial offices held with distinction, extraordinary care and devotion to a task, outstanding ideas or innovations introduced.
  3. The retiring Provincial President is automatically recommended for this honour at the completion of her term of office
  4. No more than 4 members may be selected in any one year.


  1. A notice and the criteria for selection of a recipient are placed in the November newsletter by the Honorary Membership Convenor inviting branch executives and/or members-at large to submit nominations for this award.
  2. The name and the accompanying background information about the proposed recipient must be forwarded to the Honorary Life Membership Convenor by January 31.
  3. The Committee selects the recipients as soon as possible after January 31. The chairperson forwards the choices, along with the rationale for the selections, to the Provincial President for presentation, discussion and ratification at the April executive meeting. The decision is relayed to the chairperson of the Honorary Membership Committee who then notifies the recipients.

Honorary Membership Award
The Provincial Honorary Membership Award in RWTO/OERO is the highest honour that RWTO/OERO bestows on a member. Our two recipients this year received this prestigious award for their outstanding contributions at the Provincial level of RWTO/OERO.

Award Winners 2018

KAYE-ANNE BROGER (Orillia Branch)
Kay Anne is a dedicated member of the Orillia Branch and was President of her branch for 3 years before beginning her journey at the Provincial level.  
In 2013 Kaye-Anne joined the Board as Area 6 Director.  She held this position for four years. During this time Kaye-Anne also served on the Membership Committee. In 2014, she became Membership Convenor.  During her three years as Chair of the Membership Committee, Kaye-Anne’s desire to encourage new members was evident. She was an advocate for the branches to be given money from Provincial to help with their unique initiatives for increasing membership, for their charitable works and celebrating their special moments.  Kaye-Anne supported the criteria changes that made the Barbara Bain Award become more equitable.  She also worked to have the criteria for the Feather in Your Hat Award enhanced, so that membership involvement became a key factor. With Board approval, Kay Anne worked with a supplier to make official the Cora Bailey pin that was designed by Linda Sargeant and in June 2017, she organized a Membership Storefront at the AGM in Ajax.
Thank you, Kate-Anne, for all that you have done for our organization. Congratulations!

LOIS LOCKHART (Haldimand Branch) 
Lois’ journey to the Provincial President of RWTO/OERO is filled with many accomplishments. She retired in 2004, and immediately became involved in the Haldimand branch serving as second Vice President for two years and President for three years. In 2011 Lois joined the Provincial Board as Area 4 Director. She held this position for four years serving on many committees. She then took the role of Archivist for two years, during which time she presented an Archivist Workshop at Convention and served on many committees as needed.  In 2015, Lois was elected Provincial Second Vice President where she served as Goodwill Convenor. As First Vice President, she chaired the Resolutions Committee. As Provincial President this year, Lois toured our province with leadership, enthusiasm and a wonderful sense of humour. What an asset Lois has been to our provincial organization! 
Congratulations Lois!
Marilyn Emmett
Chair- Honorary Membership Committee

The Cora Bailey Award

Cora Bailey from the Peterborough Branch was RWTO/OERO’s first Executive Secretary-Treasurer. She held this position for eleven years until 1982 and wrote the History Book – OASWT 1956-1976. Beginning in 2003, this award was presented in her honour.

Criteria for Cora Bailey Award Recipients

  1. The Cora Bailey Award may be presented to a Branch member who has contributed outstanding service to her Branch.


  1. The certificate for this award is available on request from the Provincial Office and will be signed by the provincial President.
  2. All branch members are eligible for this award whether or not they have received an Honorary Life membership Award.
  3. One to three recipients per Branch may receive the award per Membership year (September 1st to August 31st).
  4. A picture of Cora Bailey, donated by Jean Axcell from Peterborough, is to be kept by the Archivist for display at the Annual Meeting.
  5. After being displayed at the Annual Meeting, pictures of the recipients for that year will be kept in an album by the Archivist.